Domestic work.

Domestic Gardening Prices start from £25 Per Hour

Domestic Landscaping Prices start from £35 Per Hour / Day Rate prices.

Domestic Rate is only for Hand tools and smaller electric or rechargeable tools.

Very light electrical power tools.

No Pruning or Shearing of more than 3 Inches thickness.

Light Strimming and Edging with Cord of no more than 1.8mm thickness.

All Feed and Sundries will be Billed for prior and feed/spray work carried out when they have been sourced and delivered + Correct application Season/Weather.

Bookings are paid for in advance once a Regular Client agreement is reached after 3-6 Months of Regular Service.

Defined as:

Small scale properties where an average length electrical lead can be powered From a Safe and certified electrical outlet suited to Outdoor use or an internal supply supplied as and when needed; then safely ran outwards to a safe minimum working distance of 25 to 30 Meters.  A maximum range of 40 Meters or the Job is not Domestic but Comercial and Rates for Off Grid Tooling and use will apply.

(Including Holiday and Out of Hours visits when required.)


Regular weekly, Monthly or Seasonal Bookings and Annual Fees required for best value offer or day rate if a Project is agreed.

Private properties used for a domicile, a place someone lives and the garden living space attached and bordered included as the Home or Domestic residence.  Not a place of work or used for other Commercial matters.

If you have a Fence line, Hedge line, path or driveway that is more than 25 meters long then you will be bordering on Commercial Pricing levels due to the requirement of Power Tools supplied by Battery or Petrol or Diesel Powered Tools; to work efficiently over those distances.

Those require Fuel and Lubrication + Working parts and regular Legally required Operator downtime due to Vibration and Noise Levels.

Thus are Commercial Rate.



Small House Gardens, Cottage Gardens under an Acre.


While I do provide this Service type; it is not where my main skills or abilities lie.

If you only have an hour of Mowing a lawn or a few hours of Border and weed clearing.

You may find a better suited local person who will be of more benefit to you.


It’s part of a service I offer for Commercial Customers though and something I do systematically with landscaping tools and then hand finish.  So not a task I relish; but am skilled in.  This approach isn’t permitted for this price range due to the costs of the machines and insurances + Operating costs of doing the job efficiently with Professional Tool and Power Levels.

So is not cost effective in a Domestic setting for me.

Please feel free to contact me if you have work that involves the usual elements of gardening listed as areas I am interested in; or you feel your Garden Space has something Unique or interesting I may enjoy working on.

I have quoted and worked on smaller domestic jobs that have something interesting to me horticulturally or something that challenges my ability to grow a plant or craft a scheme or design for someone who wants something different or spectacular.



Higher end gardening requirements?

Domestic Landscaping charges start from £35 Per Hour.