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Month July 2019

Temperature rising

High temperature warning: Rutland. One of the reasons I adore my Clients; is how much they care for Shadow and I. I’m booked in to a regular Client later today and just got an email from them with regards how… Continue Reading →

Initial Review of Racing 5114F Comfort-Turn 4-in-1 Self-Propelled Petrol Lawnmower

Initial Review; Based on about 20 – 30 hours use from new & out of the box. I bought this machine a few weeks ago and it has been running over and around my allotment plots since then. I’ve previously… Continue Reading →

Summer 2019 – Shadow and I; in the Sun

A busy day with the Mountfield hedge clippers today and a mixed bag of hedging material to tame back and start getting control of. A 50 Meter fenceline array of Hawthorn and other less prickly customers. (“prickly customers” = Different… Continue Reading →

Spot the difference?

  12 People who view this area pay… To have a portion of the Above pictures Grassed Lawn area Cut by professional gardening services or groundskeeping services provided by their “Landlords”. Question 1 ~ Which part is being paid to… Continue Reading →

Informal arching work – Bedding Tree Feature

  The single tree – Midget Gem style is a basic growth pattern I would use to start building up a tree canopy ramification levels. This will allow me over time to increase the tree or shrub health and ability… Continue Reading →

Why are pro gardeners so expensive?

I get asked this a lot. When prices go up people don’t like it. Least of all those who are having to raise prices to stay in business. Shadow of the Gardener is like any other small business; subject to… Continue Reading →

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