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Month November 2020

RoboRishi -Tory Directives

Spending plans

Businesses in the bin?

Have you heard of Elf on a Shelf?

  Ragged Trousered Philanderer @RaggedTP 4h Do you trust this Tory government with the healthcare of you and your family during the current situation?

GMB about Rishi Sunak Vs Excluded UK

“He lied on National TV!” My personal appeal to @GMB:  Good Morning Britain. Ben Shepard interviews Rishi Sunak and brings up #ExcludedUK. My initial response on the issue with the Interviews he gave to them via email and then posted… Continue Reading →

Les Misérables #ExcludedUK #ForgottenLtd #ForgottenPAYE Les Misérables Anyone know where I can get an Official copy of “ExcludedUK Virtual Choir” The voice of 3 Million. Under 2mb version please? The one where they are sharing their true hearts by their… Continue Reading →

Xmas Number 1 2020?

GAME ON!     #BGT @BGT #AGT @AGT @BBCNews @SkyNewsBreak @Channel4News @itvnews @AndyBurnhamGM @MayorofGM @piersmorgan @SimonCowell @davidwalliams @GMB @BenShepard   #ExcludedUK #ForgottenPAYE #ForgottenLtd

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