“He lied on National TV!”

My personal appeal to @GMB:  Good Morning Britain.

Ben Shepard interviews Rishi Sunak and brings up #ExcludedUK.

My initial response on the issue with the Interviews he gave to them via email and then posted on a Private Social Media Community page.

& the reasons I did so; plus follow up on this matter and the national issue of 3 Million UK entrepreneurs left behind.

Dear GMB Team,

I write to you as one of the Excluded UK members and a small business creator and owner.

My reason for writing as you can probably guess is down to the fact I had to sit and watch Rishi Sunak on your live TV Show and also on various other media outlets this morning and openly lie to the population. Discrediting our jeopardy and carrying on to make out we are trying to defraud the nation as he infers we can claim XY & Z when that is not the case!

Something that has been going on for quite a while now and why so many MP’s and even Mayors of major cities are calling out for this issue to be given the attention it requires & deserves. Up to 10% of the countries work force is being left behind!

While I may not be the worst affected by the neglect of the current government; I have been unable to get any of the support offered for Small businesses during this period and still cannot get a Bounce Back Loan. Not even able to get a government backed loan specifically to help my business stay open and move forwards to the point I can start employing people who are struggling to find work?

Which ironically is one of the reasons I started my business; to create jobs for people who perhaps would not be able to find work elsewhere. As I come from a background of being Armed Forces; then due to ill health was forced to leave the Service; I eventually retrained to become a Carer working with Vulnerable adults with challenging behaviour.

Eventually creating a business that would be able to offer positions to enable some of the Service users and clients I had cared for and worked with previously.

While also hoping to take on people who like myself when younger; struggled to find work or other Veterans who like me suffer from PTSD after serving our country and defending the Nation.

Even though my current health state does not allow me to work full-time; I have still with the support of the amazing Job Centre work coaches and my GP been able to build a business that allows me to stay healthy and be productive; and one that is viable and will do what I planned for many years. Financially support myself and support others finding a job or place in the workforce like I have done.

Without my business and the future it offers; I’d find it very difficult to work for a “Regular employer”, losing it would lead to a drastic decline in my mental health and my physical well being.

My concern though is for the legion of other businesses that are being forced to slowly die and wither due to such shocking inaction by Rishi Sunak. His lack of understanding of the facts and figures is astounding. The constant total denial of this issue and how many are affected is stupendous; he’d rather argue we either don’t exist or quibble over if it is near 3 Million people or 1.5 Million businesses. If he even concedes at all there is a huge swathe of businesses that cannot get any help when so many others have been granted money nearly instantly and without any issue.

There are huge queues of companies like myself still waiting for banks to offer Bounce Back Loans many months on when we were told they would be simple and easy to get and require a few simple answers on a basic form to get! Not the case at all for the majority, and many of us are still trying to apply for them and are told to wait patiently due to the demand for them!

We’re now on the next round of grants/support to be offered knowing given his blanking of us and our pressing issue; nothing is coming and the wolves are now howling outside our doors as they can smell our dying breaths.

Many of us cannot get Universal Credit as Mr Sunak keeps repeating like a clockwork record player. He admits there are gaps and people are falling through them; yet denies us a life line and families are going without food and essentials like heating and clothing because of this situation. Being told there Is hope; to be found in mortgage payment breaks or other forms of Credit? Just what someone with a business on the point of ruin needs; a bigger hole dug by someone else to dive into and made out like it’s a saviour?

No hyperbole here; small business owners are taking their own lives because of this matter, 7 or 8 thus far. I myself felt compelled to reach out to a community member last night as they posted on social media they were on the edge and were contemplating suicide! I’m not a trained councillor but I do have compassion and the humanity to understand that is someone beyond desperate and in need of help. Due to the fact we are being ignored, snubbed and blatantly lied about right to our faces and that of the nation; this is pushing many people already in dire straights beyond their ability to cope. Let alone not allowing people to feed themselves or pay for bills for 9 months during a Global crisis where going out to pick up a new job is more difficult than ever and a huge risk if they already have a job and it allows them to keep their distance, not mingle and reduce the spread of Covid!

Rishi Sunak stood in the House of Commons and gave his great speech claiming entrepreneurs will lead the huge number of unemployed people back into the work force next year as his scheme for this and that will be launched.

Who does he think will give Kickstarters a placement? Or offer a job to someone who has yet again been forced to retrain for the 2nd or 3rd time in their lives? The small business creators about to vanish would; if we are still around by that point! He alludes too that fact in one breath and then brushes us under the carpet like a filthy indication that some how a huge number were not factored in when credit where it is due; the Treasury and Government put out their hands and caught the majority of businesses about to go to the wall. 90% is amazing, but 100% is what he promised; so it’s still a long way short and if left to rot as we are being. The smell that will remain for decades will be one this country will not forget.

Is he going to take on all these millions of newly unemployed; to tend his estate and fill his ranks as he builds his brand?

Or will they all end up stacking shelves in a supermarket when they have skill sets and qualifications that would be far better used in a job or company that can put them to their full potential and pay the taxes required to cover what Covid has cost us so far and yet to demand?

No; it’s down to us. The entrepreneurs he was so encouraging and proud of for a mere moment in the House of Commons!

His great broad strokes of “Leaving no one behind” is a strap line in name only. The 3 Million of us who did all the hard work and have built a business up from an idea in our head into reality and keeping us from being another number on the unemployed statistics now face extinction when we will be needed the most. To provide a place for the work force and ensure the country has jobs as well as a productive skilled work force! Going forward to become the next legion of entrepreneurs rebuilding the country post Covid…

If this carries on and he keeps lying about us or shunning us, his claims of 2.6 Million unemployed will be closer to 5.6 Million people; or will he deny or hide our numbers again when it comes to standing in front of the House of Commons to save face and avoid the riots that will occur when these lies and shambolic inaction are fully exposed?

I apologise for the length of the above; but I feel it is my duty to mention this given how it is affecting myself and so many others.

I thank you for your time and effort for voicing this issue; you have no idea how much it means to myself and others that you are giving air to this situation and some support to those who so badly need it.

Deepest respects and gratitude.


Shadow of the Gardener.

I thought that is where the story would end.

It seems I wasn’t alone in thinking this was a huge issue.

I wrote my thoughts down on the matter and how he had just lied so badly while again reinforcing my worst fears.

My business and follow up ventures are now more in jeopardy in this Governments hands due to their handling of the Pandemic; along with the many other National matters poorly handled that lead us here.  Than ever before.

Feedback lead to further social media involvement.

I took to twitter and further into my personal Facebook outlets as well as YouTube over this matter.

I was deeply disturbed by what I found.


The reason I am making this public is; I was inspired to do so due to the nature of response it got and how my feelings on it are validated.

Also being confirmed more strongly by the day as other people are joining in; saying the same things and having the same issues.


While it is always advised to avoid discussing Politics on a business site or venture; how can a business owner not inform it’s customers why in a few short weeks it may not be operating due to government mismanagement.  I only have the power my business allows me, it is my voice & my passion.  My hard work and reputation.  9 years in the making from concept to creation.  My dreams are more than attached too it.  They are the foundations, blood sweat heartbreak and triumphs that made it live and breathe.

Months had passed by and little mention or acknowledgement of 10% of the business owners and operators in the UK.

Newly set up Companies, left Behind.  PAYE employees, Directors and Sole Traders reduced to non entities.

How could so many have been missed out and stranded without; what others got in mere weeks?



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