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I thought I was alone in the long wait for a Covid small business government backed “Bounce Back Loans ” (BBL’s) a Business Loan to ensure my business made it through which: as I wasn’t eligible for furlough, or other grants to support it would be the only lifeline for my business.

All major banks refusing loans in matters of seconds even if a customer with that bank; and they were declaring offering BBL’s as per the Government support for Businesses in need during Covid.

Then refused from any other bank as they were not allowing “non current members loans”; regardless of what the Prime Minister and his cabinet announced.

9 Months later; Banks new and old are still informing us; no loans as they await the ability to offer BBL Support still!

Lockdown and Social Distancing at home decimating chances of New Clients and Contracts.

Self Isolation and working from home culling where my business operates.

I had to address this revenue stream loss and potentially business ending situation.


Seems some of the larger City Mayors were also sounding out about this, London, Liverpool and Manchester Mayors were involved; yet nothing was being done by the Government.

How can this be?



My business was set up with Work Coach support and supported long term via Job Centre Plus and with support from Universal Credit.

I went through the Job Club induction as Universal Credit was rolled out.  Having just changed work positions from a Registered Trust working as a Carer and Senior Carer in the Supported Living sector.  Specialising in working with Challenging Behaviour in Adults with Learning and Behavioural issues.  My prior main experiences and life experience coming from over 4 years serving in the Armed Forces.

So my Business plan was taken seriously enough by the Job Centre to be given the chance to run it through a Self Employment program.  To educate me on the best ways to ensure the business is viable and the Business plan and finances are sound.  Through various meetings and coaching sessions; the Agency responsible for delivering these “Courses or Sessions” were in fact shockingly bad.  My placement and many of the other candidates having their interaction with the company brought to an end and due to the poor quality of the trainer.  Offered support elsewhere if wished.

I opted to go ahead with my business; as my business was approved by the Government.


I Am One Of The Excluded UK.


This is why my Business life is bleeding over into my personal life.

& I am now taking to blogging about what my Business goes through daily; trying to stay alive During Prime Ministerial enforced Lock-downs or Tiered Covid Response Measures.

The result of this is; I’m now using the only voice I have that seems to be able to be heard.

My written word.

Or my thoughts and reactions reflected by my voice.



What triggered my relenting of keeping my Professional and personal life different entities on my professional business web site.  Is when my business, hard work, efforts of the years dedicated to learning my considerable experience and Professional are Inferred to by the Chancellor of the Exchequer as:

“Too complicated.”

“Not enough records or Submissions to allow calculation for Funds or a Bounce Back Loan.”

Essentially a Politician is worried I might defraud him.

Yet I reported to you monthly.

Answered your reports or Audits, bank records, Company or Personal ins & Outs when asked.

Name, phone, national Insurance; all on hand for your scrutiny.

My business plan is filed inside your own very system; if you cared to chat?

You told me my business would be good for the country.

Would make many jobs for others.

So gave me permission to give it a crack; the Green light and an officially stamped good luck Simon.

So I put Shadow of the Gardner on track.


I came up with an idea for my business while working 42 hour minimum working weeks; often 300 hour working months caring morning noon and night, day and night for people with Autism through to Genetic disorders.  Day through night, day in and day out, sleeping at work and wide awake many nights giving medication in a social setting.  While ensuring the highest quality of life; for the people I was paid to take care of.

Retraining from my previous life and job as a front line soldier; part of the Defence service both Foreign and Domestic.  Serving Home and Abroad.  Working as a carer came easy due to my early college experience while studying a Pre-Nursing course after leaving High School.  All serving me well to take this role on and succeed.

I passed my in house training and then my City & Guilds in Social Care as well as being promoted to a Senior carer and the daily operation of a Supported Living home that housed 2 full time service users.  You swallowed all the Taxes of those years of service and on a low wage that was not reflective of the work I provided as a Key Worker.  You knew where I lived and how much I earned and took lumps of it.

Due to the stress of working those hours and the stress involved I decided at the time one of the best things for me due to personal circumstances beyond my control; moving to supporting someone else privately as part of a specialised team was the best move for my career and advancement.  I was lured away by an agency.  It quickly became evident this line of work was not stable; let alone viable.  The brokerage fee by Agencies was imbalanced and my health condition became unmanageable.

I was advised by my GP I was unable to work due to my PTSD and Anxiety issues; brought on by stress causing my OCD and Autistic behaviours to start presenting themselves.  This would be referred in due time after Universal Credit enrolment to a full Medical Review at the request of Universal Credit as per requirements;to continue receiving an income to survive now I was potentially being written out of the work force.

All those nights planning the future I wanted; placed out of reach.  I nearly broke; and I was only just feeling I was starting to heal.


I wasn’t offered support to get stationary or office supplies.

No Computer Grant nor Funds to buy Tools and Transport either.

So I walked miles daily carting the tools of my trade.

Carried them on my back in a 120 litre rucksack.

No assistance to advertise or reach customers; not even a letter to help open a business account.

Building my health back with each step and tool striking the land beneath my knees.




2 years later the Company is viable to turn Ltd from Sole Trader.

Covid hit and hit bad.

The is where I am now 9 months later as of writing this.

What follows is a product of the treatment by Boris Johnson and his Ministers.