“The Ayes have it.”

As our MP (Alicia Kearns – Conservatives @AliciaKearns) seems to be mostly MIA or silent; other than fly by Conservative Party cut and paste PR drops on her Social Media posts/Updates.

The good news for SME’s is the progress being made by ExcludedUK and the team of cross party MP’s and Metro Mayors; in the House of Commons and across the media.

Today many MP’s took part in an open and frank debate about the gaps left by the Conservatives with the current Covid support packagers offered to SME’s. Case study requests have been put out by many MP’s on both sides of the House as well as Independents and the feedback is now being addressed, Munira Wilson ( @MuniraWilson ) was very eloquent on the behalf of SME’s and specifically the ExcludedUK side of the issue in the Westminster House debate held for Support for people ineligible for Government covid-19 support schemes; from 4.30pm – 5.30pm.

(The request list to attend was booked solid and many wishing to attend could not; due to size restrictions of numbers.)

Also battling for SME’s today was Martin Lewis ( @MartinSLewis ) from Money Saving Expert as he took part in the Commons Treasury meeting this afternoon doing all he can for SME’s and the ExcludedUK.

(Easily forgiven for not having a shave before!) 😉


If only we had an MP who put this much effort into keeping the Small Businesses we RELY on in Rutland and Melton alive and gain much needed support. Then reported back to you about it.

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Without these Small Businesses where are you going to shop or get essentials and where are people going to get jobs; let alone encourage and train the next generation of Business owners and entrepreneurs…?

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Tomorrow Sonali is joining Beth on a meeting with the finance secretary Jesse Norman so we are going to ensure the pressure remains.

Aron Padley of ExcludedUK.