Commercial work.

Commercial Gardening Prices start from £35 Per Hour.

(Professional Horticultural  Commercial Machinery from Husqvarna/Stihl.)

Commercial Landscaping Prices start from £55 Per Hour or Day Rates.

(Heavy Duty Plant such as Chipper / Vibration Plate / Rotovating.)

Technical Commercial Work Day Rate prices of £500 upwards.


Defined as:

Commercial, Professional or Trade properties where Business or Work is carried out.

Public Access Areas and Spaces enclosed as a premise or with a private Border or Perimeter.

Private properties used for a non domicile purposes.

Not a place someone lives and the garden living space attached and bordered included as the Home or Domestic residence.

A place of work or used for other Commercial matters and reasons.

If it is out of reach for the £20 per hour “Lawn mowing ONLY” type gardeners.

(& Many of you will have met them or even tried their services…)

Those who mostly mow lawns weekly, but do a bit of other stuff for “the right client/price”.

The type who have a Hedge Trimmer or other tool for the job you have planned, but it’s Domestic grade; so your 100 meter long hedge reducing by a Third is just the start of shaping your garden.  It won’t last long & it will take a long time.

More so if it is Long Reach work over 2.5 m High or requires Ladders.

When you’ve had several gardeners who can’t cope, or are under geared for the size of your property.


One man or his team using Pro Grade Arborist Cutting, Pruning, Shredding, Trimming and Back Pack Strimming equipment.

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Can get a lot done if you have enough work to unleash them in a #Relentless task.


Contact me with your requirements and I will get back to you.