Why would I need a Team rather than just one person?
  1. When you have a Ride on Lawn Mower to cut the lawn and grassed areas around your home or property.
  2. It takes more than 4 hours to strim the basic areas.
  3. It takes more than 4 hours to clip or trim the fence line or boundary hedges.

For small space turnaround at High Speed and Bespoke quality levels.


Culling large areas or long lengths of scrub and brush.

Verges and Copse or Village Greens & Garden Features.

Areas the Ride on or larger Lawn Mowers cannot reach or may cause them damage.

Where Hedge, Shrub or Tree material may fall annually;

So requires heavy duty machines to reduce and mulch or collect and remove.

SOTG Cutting Team Drill.

Team Rota: 3 Man Cutting Team.

  1. Lead Gardener = Team Leader.
  2. Gardening Assistant – 2nd in charge – Safety and tools.
  3. Gardeners Apprentice – Advance Safety and ground clearing.


The Lead Gardener is the focus of the other Team members.

He is the centre of operation and biggest risk.

Also the one least aware of what is happening around him due to intense focus on the task at hand: using the Professional Brushcutter at high speeds and often with dangerous material in the undergrowth.

The team operates and manages a safe working bubble around the powertool and it’s operator.

So the machine can work at efficient speeds and the operator can stay focussed on the small area the cutting head is working through.  The cutting head might be a thick metal Blade spinning at over 9000 revs and has a movement and momentum all of it’s own and requires a high level of fitness and skill to operate for more than a few minutes; and to run for the legally allowed 45 minutes before the operator has to take a 15 minute anti vibration break.

This will allow the team to check the Machinery.

Refuel or recharge the machines

Reload Strimmer Spools or Sharpen and change blades if needed

The Gardeners Assistant trails his Lead Gardener close by watching his Lead through to the Apprentice ahead; and checking the rear so ensuring a 360 Degree Safety overwatch.

Also carries or supplies the machine fuel and reloads line etc to keep the Lead Gardeners Machine operating with minimal downtime to cutting speed and getting large distances covered.

Gardeners Apprentice walks ahead of the Lead to halt the Leader if an object, obstruction, Pedestrian or other Strike risk is present.

Or clear them so the Lead can perform at the required pace and speed for the task and terrain.

When the Cutting or Trimming is mostly done, the junior team members will start clearing up and cleaning the job site using Large Leaf Blowers and Rakes etc while the Lead Gardener Trims up, Neatens edges and inspects the quality of days work and ground covered.

For Clients and Contracts with:

  1. Long private drives.
  2. Long Hedge Lines or Fence lines.
  3. Boundary lines and outfield clearing.
  4. Paddocks and other wild enclosures.
Do you take on larger Gardens requiring a Team?

I will happily Lead my own hand selected SOTG Team as the Lead Gardener.

If you’d like me to start taming and training your Garden and Living Spaces.

Using my years of personal gardening and horticural know how and experience.

Applying Practical time spent operating high powered professional tools to get quick results.

Through application of technical skills and fitness backed by Risk assessment knowledge and 1000’s of man hours operating at that level of attention to detail over large projects.

While backed by the people who support me to get on and make quick progress.

So I can transform larger areas and bring in the professional power tools to turn a long neglected or forgotten part of your garden into something special.

I lead; they follow.

I operate at peak working speed with a 2 Team clean up and refuel Team.

Able to tackle Large Fields and Paddocks or Hedgeline work for example.

Or for really Heavy duty Cutting of Brush:

Then a Duel Strimmer Team and Clean up support Team is needed or advised.


Once your garden has been brought to the required standard; myself and my Team will keep it to that standard.

Throughout the year and through the transitions of the seasons; and years to come.