Notice of Gardening Services commencement.

Shadow of the Gardener Price Agreement.

Gardening Services Contract.

For the Property: Name

Property Number: Numerical/annexe details.

Property Address Line 1.

Property Address Line 2.

Property Address Line 3.

Property Postcode.

Property Landline.



Garden Care Package selected.

  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Technical
  4. Expert
  5. Elite.




  1. You have [Subject to allowing for weather and correct working conditions for the tasks to be performed]
    1. Authorised 4 Hours or more of Gardening Services work to be carried out.
    2. On a weekly visit basis.
  2. Or ;
    1. A set Minimum and Maximum amount of hours to be used as the lead gardener sees fit to execute the Clients Garden Plan or Schedule.
    2. To carry out agreed regular work tending and keeping your garden to specification.

To a standard agreed as;


  1. Basic
  2. Advanced
  3. Technical
  4. Elite.

Hourly Rate Charge for the package selected = £ Per Hour.

Including Anti-Vibration breaks when using vibrating power tools for extended periods of time.  [30 Mins+]


Risk Assessment Level – CST* Method = Low/Medium/High Risk Premium.


  • CST = Common Sense Theory.

Fuel and Lube

Working Parts Payment agreement?