You’ve got your bags packed…

& are finally off on your well earned; and much needed holiday…

You’ve even double checked the Passports and other essentials, all sorted to go!

Just before you go out the door something tells you to check the weather…


Wall to wall sunshine and hot days-  back to back; the whole time you’re away!

Who is going to come and water all my beloved plants, and lawn?

& ensure they don’t die due to lack of water!

Me!  🙂


Your Plants cost a lot of time, money and effort to get to them to the stage you have them, it’d be a shame to come back and find them all withered or in poor health.

It’d also be expensive to replace them all due to hot weather and lack of reliable rain.

Let alone the heartrending moment you see your lovely garden once lush and full of life a shade of its former glory because it didn’t get the water it needed.

It is not worth the risk.

Shadow of the gardener offers a Holiday Care Watering Service!

I will come on the appointed dates/times/schedule you set out, and water your garden for you.

You decide what schedule and let me know roughly how much/what requires the most attention during the pre-holiday assessment (Every garden is different due to aspect and soil/shade ext and YOU are the expert on your garden and its soil and hydration requirements) and then you can go away knowing your plants will be given their hydration and even fed if required while you are away.


For those with a small garden and a few containers or pots and planters, through to an extensive large garden with everything from a Greenhouse to a large lawn and everything in between.


Simple Cover packages:

Basic Watering with your Hose from £10 Per Hour/Visit.

Based on a Simple Garden Layout with easily available Water Source/Hose reaching everywhere/thing that needs watering.)


Total Cover:

Plants, Pots, Containers, Greenhouse through to Lawn and ensuring your Pond is looked after also if required from £15 Per Hour/Visit.

For Complex or Large Gardens with intricate plant watering Schedules or needs with easily available Water Source/Hose reaching everywhere/thing that needs watering.


Watering Can Only Cover:

For those gardens without an external regulated or easily supplied water source for a hosepipe requiring Watering cans carrying to ensure your plants are watered from £10 (Small Garden) to £20 (Large Garden) or £30 Per Hour for Very Large Gardens) Per Hour/Visit.  This also depends on Distance and amount of water to be carried.

As I have a few Allotments I am used to carrying 2 Ten Litre watering cans for upwards of 2 Hours Per Day during Hot and Sunny weather, so I will not be told it’s a simple task and quick, it rarely is

So any quote given will be based on that and if you think it is too much then I’m sorry but it’s hot hard physical work and probably in Hot weather.



Please note:

During Peak times I may choose to bring an Assistant or Helper for this Duty, so while you may be billed for an Hour and I/We are only on site for 30 Minutes it will be split between One or More SOTG Staff.

Double the hands – half the work = Half the time.

You will still be billed for a full hour of Watering.


If your Garden takes 30 Minutes or less; I may reduce the Hourly rate depending on your garden.

If it takes 31 Minutes you will be billed for an Hour.

I don’t dally or cruise to increase my Hourly earnings, the faster I am in and out and your garden gets the required water the happier I am as I will have other Clients Gardens or my own Allotments to tend or a dog to walk…