From slippery Decking, Pathways…

Or grime soaked Driveways…

To clean and well defined Decking, Paths and a Driveway you are no longer ashamed of.

One of the jobs people love to loathe, scrubbing their Decking, Path or Drive.

Shadow of the Gardener provides a Jet washing/Pressure washer service to cull the moss and dangerous build up of Green slime and muck that builds up over the year or has done over the years.

Using a High Pressure Karcher Jet Washer to remove years of detritus and moss to leave clean and safer Decking, Paths and Drives you can be proud of.

(Actual pictures taken of a Clients Patio and Path before and after they were Pressure washed.  Notice the return of colour and removal of grime and moss?  Absolutely NO photoshop or digital editing was performed to the images, what you see is what the camera saw and the paving looked like.)

Using 120 bar of pressure the Karcher Pressure washing system we use will clean most of the general dirt for most gardens quickly and effectively.

High Visual Impact effect almost instantly.

It is firmly believed by Shadow of the Gardener that the quickest and easiest way to start transforming  a garden is to get this job done first and foremost.

drive before and after - half done

Drive before and after – Half done for comparison.

It allows safe access to your House and Garden and gives a huge initial impact while also showing that some TLC has started to be given to your garden.  The transformation really can’t be understated.

It’s also a task that once done lasts for a long time so is well worth having done.

The pictures used above were for a client who was about to sell the house.  The estate agent told the client that the fact the pathways were recently cleaned helped draw in viewers and sell the house as soon as the listing went up.  Also when they first came to view the house they were concerned about the state of the paving and paths with regards safety and appeal for potential buyers.  The client was immensely pleased with the results and the fact the Estate agent mentioned the money spent cleaning the paths certainly helped sell the house the first day it went on the market and all the viewers gave positive unprompted feedback about the path and paving.

Even without Chemicals or detergents?


Often as not; no cleaning solutions or other chemicals are needed to give an instant result to your Decking, Path or Drive.  The 120 Bar water pressure put out by the Karcher pressure washer we generally use is enough to blast away the grime. If the finish is not perfect then a further Jet Wash using a detergent may be required.  This will be a choice you can make after seeing the results of the initial Jet Wash.

Decking that has been treated or coloured may require the use of the Decking attachment which will reduce the pressure  and reduce risk of the treatment/colouring being stripped, so results can vary.

Soft stone or brickwork etc will be tested for suitability and if the highly effective Dirt Buster Lance is too powerful then the Vario Lance will be used.  This will however reduce the effectiveness of the cleaning results and a detergent or chemical treatment may be required to give you the finish you want.


Please note.

Jet or Pressure washing results vary based on the surface or surfaces to be cleaned.

Some surfaces clean up better than others and depending how dirty, marked, stained or what their natural state is; will greatly affect the end results.

Very old flags or paths etc that have not been cleaned for years will potentially never look pristine after even using the highest power of the biggest pressure or jet washer on the market.  They should however be cleaner and safer to use as the build up of years of mud, muck, slime and grime can be removed or greatly reduced.  Further treatments and cleaning agents can help, but again, may not get the area washed perfect.

Areas of heavy soiling or build up will take longer to clean.  A general guide to cleaning time is on average for light dirt and staining of natural grime build up 10-20 Square Meters Per Hour.  The longer it is between each clean, the more muck and grime can build up, thus reducing cleaning speeds dramatically and increasing the time it takes to get good results.  Further Washing may be required to get the desired results.

Heavy duty paving slabs and some types of stone may come up looking clean nearly instantly, but once dried certain age spotting, weather worn effects or the natural appearance of the stone underneath may show the normal flaws and imperfections of the stone and weather effects it has been subjected to since being laid etc.

We advise considerable thought be put into deciding if you wish your aged and seasoned stone work to be High Pressure Jet washed, especially if it is made of a softer Stone or Material.

Generally though, we and our customers have found a surface that was once covered in mud or moss and other slime and grime that has been cleaned always looks much better and is nearly always safer to use or walk on after it has been cleaned!

Often flags that have not been cleaned for years will show the colours Clients never remembered them being or allow their natural beauty to once again be seen and appreciated.

Pressure Washing Pricing.

Charged Per Hour & Based on level of soiling + PSI required to clean to desired specification.

Then the required constant Pressure and Operation time of a machine to do the work to your specification.

  1. Minimum booking time of 6 Hours work
  2. At least Half a Tennis court sized area or above.

Or it’s domestic cleaning.

I only Rent out My Domestic Level Karcher cleaners for Domestic Tasks; to Clients of more than 12 Months concurrent Accounts with SOTG.

I do not Hire out or Loan any of my Professional Grade Tools.

All my professional trade rates are comparable to the Local average charges for similar Gardening Services.

If mine are more expensive; it is to cover my expertise and experience.

As well as my levels of quality or the hard work they require.