Links and Images and even movie footage or Digital Media Films here showing some of my earlier works and efforts while gaining experience in Garden or Feature Creation, Design and Management.

Current Projects:

Polytunnel 1 – PT1 Project.

Older Projects:

Pond Rescue: Coming Soon.

Pond Rescue Teaser Video.

Bonsai Zen Water Feature: Coming Soon

(A Front Garden Woodland Garden Project.)

Teaser Video.

What am I working on next?

I have just started work on a Woodland Glade Fairy Garden Project. [22 Dec 2018]

This will be a small Wooded Area featuring several larger trees to be employed when fully pruned and trained as the Glade canopy. Underplanted with Shrubs and other Plants and Bulbs.

Shadow of the GArdener – 22 Dec 2018

Project Notes:

Illuminated and powered by Solar energy harvested from the tree canopy above to support the Magic Kingdom in Her Ladyship’s most grand Garden.

I will employ the use of as much materials as possible taken from “The Grove” and reuse it or repurpose it the construction of the development of the Fairy Garden.


The Mother Tree of Life was ailing, her heartbeat signs struggling, the weight and size of her life giving load, twisted and contorted over many years of ravaging winds, storms and other forces of nature while she protected the secluded Glade.

Bark had grown closer to other limbs and branches, while growing to support the life in, around, on and under the tree herself; the Mother Tree had rapidly expanded as and when made possible by Sun & Rain. The growth not always hardened and ready for when the Rain and the winds came or the big storms that had shaped her now naked above ground root system.

Her leaves gone for the season.

Their life sucked back into her as best as possible to allow a kickstart to the next growth cycle as the seasons turned all soon enough.

Those winds and other events had forced the softer and none matured fast growth to rub together when blown with enough force. The friction creating cuts and slices or tears in her bark. Allowing the wind and rain in, and all the creatures seen or not by the naked eye. Infections and disease able to enter all too easily. Some branches dying off and breaking before they became too dangerous or that level of resources being lost suddenly causing threat to the Tree Herself. As well as the millions who depended on her every day and through every season.

Not just the Fairy Folk…

The Fairy Tale Journey Project.