Horticultural Works in Miniature.

My Projects.

The Aloe Garden.

A small low fuss plant Space for a Bright Window where heat and light are present so water consumption will be high.


The Garden Space is designed to Care for and allow the growth of the Spiral Aloe plant: “Aloe polyphylla” that is to be grown in this Pot.

Soil Requirements.

  • Moisture: Well-drained
  • Soil: Sand, Loam
  • pH: Acid, Alkaline, Neutral

Plant Requirements.

South/West Facing – Sheltered Tender/Protected Hardiness.


Working in Small Detail.

Confined Spaces.

Reduced Water Supplies.

Creation and Design Projects in Miniature.

Aloe polyphylla / Spiral Aloe.

Chiltern Seeds says:

fascinating, rare and beautiful Aloe from the mountains of Lesotho with every chance of proving hardy in this country. On germination, which would appear to present no problem, a single leaf appears with the following leaves produced alternately opposite each other. The excitement starts when the plant reaches approximately 40cm in diameter when it starts to spiral, either clockwise or anti-clockwise, with the thick, fleshy, grey-green leaves with sharp tips becoming purplish-brown, eventually growing into a large rosette 60cm in diameter and 30cm in height. It produces a flowering stem branching into several spikes of reddish to salmon-pink flowers. However, patience will be required for the flowering event but patience that will be well rewarded. Our supplier tells us that it will be a “fantastic” plant for England as he has found it loves the cold and ample moisture – unlike the residents! Please note: we are expecting fresh stock in February-March 2018. 1ft (30cm)

A genus of succulent plants with thick leaves arranged in rosettes – always popular as house plants.

Price: £3.50 per packet of seeds – 5 Seeds per packet

Germination was slow, as per Seed Packet Instructions.

Soaked Seeds in Water for a Month.

First Germination signs took 4 weeks.


First Germinated Seed Transplanted into Mushroom Container (Recycled Plastic Carton.)

  1. Structure of Soil created/mixed/blended to make Substrate and Foundations of Pot and Ecosystem.
  2. Small pieces/crocks of Terracotta used as Base layer and for Hydration reservoir.
  3. Topped with varying grades of Gravel, Stone and Fired Clay.
  4. Varying elements of Loam, Soil and Compost added with Sand and other Horticultural Grade Particles.
  5. Water added and then the soil and sub base layer sculpted.
  6. Further courses of substrate added to build up Base Layers and Higher levels of Substrate mixes.
  7. Compaction and design of water course and planting zones.
  8. Shaping Path and Journey.
  9. Placing Feature Rocks/Stones.