My Hourly Rate?


As of June 1st 2020:

My minimum charge starts from £35 Per Hour.

  • Days rates available subject to detailed Quote & Contractual Booking Agreements.


Commercial or Domestic Gardening Services required?


Solo Project work:

Commercial Work starting from £35 Per Hour/Day Rate of £300+

Domestic Services from £35 Per Hour – 4-8 Hour bookings preferred.

I’m a professional gardener using professional equipment.

8 years time served gardening experience and dedicated hard personal study to get to where I am now.

To do what I now do.

Owning and Operating a Transit Van sized Limited Company with an outstanding local reputation.

Capable and accomplished Tool collection for my area of specialities and day to day work.

As well as able to cover large areas as a Sole Operator who is fit, strong and works hard with his big toys; as I enjoy doing so.

With Public Liability and other Insurances to cover to allow me to do the work I do; using the appropriate sized power tools required.


Backed by the years spent hands in the soil and raising thousands upon thousands of plants from seed to maturity.


I don’t provide Local Authority Levels of Service or Standards.

I charge more because; I do more.

You want it fixing and looking good; that costs for the results you want.

You’ve seen the results the current cost gets you every year.

Which is why you are here…



You get what you pay for and I do the work I do because working in Small gardens makes it harder for me to use the Tools I operate as Standard with and enjoy getting out of the van to do a job quickly and efficiently.

If I cannot get one of these tools out in a day and run them for a few hours; I’m not your gardener.  Sorry.


It gets in the way of me working on gardens I personally love working on; and without playing with the tools I like working with.

Doing the jobs I love for hours at a time and getting fantastic results and job satisfaction.

& all while my Dog is able to roam large enclosed spaces where he is welcomed and loves being there with me.

  • I only take Canine Friendly Clients – If I work for you; my dog comes with me to work


If you wish to know why my charges are set at the rates they are; Read more about that here.


If my prices are out of your budget then other local gardening service providers are available.

Thank you for visiting Shadow of the Gardener.