Currently I am looking for Sponsors to help me Support and Train Shadow the Therapy Dog.

Shadow the Therapy Dog

Shadow – Border Collie Crossed with Kelpie.
When he was Aged 1 and a half.

Shadow currently needs a trip to the vets for a procedure and his shots are due.  These are really expensive as Shadow does not live inside the catchment area of a Vet unit or Hospital that can offer Reduced or Free care.

Any one with old Tennis balls or throwable toys he could always give them a home.

Shadow’s weekly Food supply is not cheap, nor are his training rewards and equipment.


Any help and support from the public is welcomed and appreciated.



Therapy dog purpose.


Soothing presence and reassuring values.

Reduce stress in a proactive and reactive way.

Distraction and focus methods.

Advance trigger to detect mood swings and deficiency in state of mind.

Balanced and steady exercise encouragement/demands.


Emotional comfort.

Protection projection.

Sleep encouragement and security – Overwatch duty.

Positive empowerment and mood enforcement stabilisation.

Constant need to be taken for exercise and toileting prompts owner to leave their home and establish a regular routine which must include going outside with a bare minimum of at least 4 or 5 short to medium journeys per day to exercise and toilet the dog.