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Seasonal Special Offers & Codes.


  • Christmas and Gift Specials.


Biomes and Living Terrariums by Rutland Bonsai Therapy (R-B-T.uk)

-10% Off if you Select the Optional Free Watering Jar which will be a repurposed and Recycled Glass Jar to Water your Biome.

Offer only for Items in your cart with Prices Starting from the £100 range only.  Custom Options not included in the basic Package Price.




Hedge Training Package.

Book an Annual Autumn and Spring Tune up or a Midsummer Dormancy Shape up or for ramification and second clip foliage or plants.

-10% Off if you opt for a Full Seasonal Weekly/Fortnightly or Monthly Feed and Fertiliser Package for Roots and Leaves.

Garden or Living Space Path Jet Wash/Pressure Wash and Treatments.

  • -10% Discount if Booked Early (Before 24th Dec.)
  • -20% IF you Booked Drive and Path Way Essential Home Start OVer Winter Cover and Path Treatments booked before August 07th and with a minimum cover policy of no less than 12 Months Paid for In Advance.
  • Minimum full Day Bookings Disclaimer Applies.
  • Only after a Viewing to Quote for the Task and prolonged work and H&S assessment.