Plantsman and Bulk Stock Cultivation Services.


Building up your garden and the plants you’d like in it; can be expensive if you purchase the stock from a Nursery or Garden Centre.

Growing your own plants at home can be time consuming and often requires space and equipment you either do not have nor would like to invest in.

I offer the middle ground, the best of both worlds.

You select the plants you’d like growing, I grow them for you off site; and deliver them to you when they are ready to plant out!

We will source the seeds for the plants you’d like, I will propagate them, once they have germinated and are healthy seedlings I will prick them out, pot them on and keep transplanting them as they grow; till they are ready to be brought to you and put in your garden.   This can be 3 to 5 times depending on the plant.  Each stage requiring different types of compost till the plant is ready to go into your final planting out place.

All the time they are growing they will be taken care of, watered, fed and nurtured with all they require till it’s time to bring them to their home.  You just get to enjoy them once all the hard work has been done and also enjoy the benefit of a lot more plants for a fraction of the cost.  Also without the effort required to take care of them till they are ready to be planted in your garden!

Depending on what plants you’d like, the savings can be huge.

Generally from an average packet of seed you could end up with several trays of plants, this does of course depend on the plants you would like and how many seeds per packet etc.  We always try to ensure maximum germination from seed by carefully ensuring they are given all they require to germinate.

Want something a bit special?

I can also offer specialised grow tent cultivation using indoor propagation systems; that utilise Agricultural lighting and ventilation systems.

As well as specialist irrigation for more exotic or plants; that require specific climate control from temperature through to humidity.

As well as increased light cycles to allow healthy growth; if 16 hours of sunlight is required daily for example.

Contact Simon directly to discuss this Service please.