Lupins In Stock.


Richmond Mixed Cultivar.

Seed: £5 Per Bag – Generous Seed Pod count.

  • 1 Year Old Plant £5
  • 2 Year Old Plant £10
  • 3 Year Old Plant £15

Colour Ranges:

  1. Pinks
  2. Purples
  3. Yellows
  4. Creams

As stated here:

The initial Seed Stock of these Lupins (Russell Mixed Variety) was purchased as labelled Seed Stock of that Species/Cultivar/Named Variety.

PLUS Potted on and further Planting, self seeding after being Planted out and grown on in a Real Garden/Wildspace for a few years.


The Seed Producing Stock come in shades of:

Milkshake (Heavy Cream and Strawberry touches, withy vibrant fruity flushes.)

Honey – Lemon Shades if not tones of Yellow, but hazy shun diffused Yellow, warming and sunny feeling.

The Two Tone Purples – Deep Majestic and Bold.  Vivid and nothing like subtle.


I was astounded some of the seed was Sown and Flowered in the same year…


Lupin are generally considered Herbaceous Perennial with a few Annual side varieties in the genus.

Given my initial understanding was Lupins were a come back every year till adulthood plant that was considered Perennial(Every Year)  (Lived more than 2 years) and was a firm favourite Herbaceous plant (No woody growth) as well as good for self seeding and holding it’s own as soon as it starts growing year after year getting stronger and better with age.


For me, no garden is complete with thick swathes of Lupins, multiple colours, mixed shades, height and scent levels.  Bees darting in and out or around them all day.  Bringing in masses of wildlife and catching the eye.  From small border sizes through to back of a taller border or against a structure levels.

The Stock providers have been giving me joy and colour combinations for several years now and each year they deliver something new or produce some lush colours not so far seen in their variety.


As this IS a Mixed Hybrid Wildstock Flower now, no assurances can be given about actual Colour of Each seed when Grown or if it will be true to its Parent Seed Producing Plant.

A Blue Flowered Wild Plant is not an Assurance a Blue Seed will come true and be a DNA and Clone of its Parents.

Google for the Images of the Variety and see the colour range yourself for a better idea before Purchasing this Seed Stock if you are unsure if the colours they produce match your Palate requirements or tastes.


Germination Ratio is generally high with Lupin Stock, generous Seeds are offered to deliver a germination & viability number.

Seed Harvested is Put into Stratification once dried out and seeds naturally emerge to be collected and then Cold Stratified till Selected for Stock Sale.

Premium Seed available prepackaged in compost and kept Cold Stratified ready to plant into Pots.