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“The Ayes have it.” As our MP (Alicia Kearns – Conservatives @AliciaKearns) seems to be mostly MIA or silent; other than fly by Conservative Party cut and paste PR drops on her Social Media posts/Updates. The good news for SME’s… Continue Reading →



National press wakes up and starts talking

OfCom complaint revelation. This morning the Twitter feed and Facebook pages of hundreds of thousands in the UK and worldwide went “Totally Postal” over the OfCom revelation that Good Morning Britain had received over 1000 complaints for it’s morning interview… Continue Reading →

Les Misérables #ExcludedUK #ForgottenLtd #ForgottenPAYE Les Misérables Anyone know where I can get an Official copy of “ExcludedUK Virtual Choir” The voice of 3 Million. Under 2mb version please? The one where they are sharing their true hearts by their… Continue Reading →

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