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Drone Flight Test

Drone: DJI Air2S.

Frost hazard

Cold moon tonight… Frosts are coming…

Night photography – Long exposure in the rain – Uppingham – Rutland

London Road Midnight: Wet Autumn night walking the dog.   That moment a DeLorean flashed through Uppingham at night. 😉 #CanonM50 #NightShootPhotography #Rutland #Uppingham #SOTG — Shadow Of The Gardener (@s_o_t_g_uk) November 27, 2022

Autumn has arrived

In the Autumnal misty moment. Photography by Shadow of the Gardener Rutland – UK Canon M50 #InTheAutumnalMistyMoment #Rutland #Uppingham #Autumn

#ChineseElm Yamadori Branch selection and shaping

Chinese Elm. Ulmus parvifolia Private Stock Workshop. Nov 2022. Somewhere in Rutland. Side View.


Ash & Sawdust…   Life is so exciting when you have to start doing Winter cleaning work. Sadly not the fun type with my usual power tools.   I find my self in the situation, of buying a Henry Hoover…. Continue Reading →

Succulents and Cacti

Cactus Nursery visit. While away for the weekend near the coat on SOTG business sourcing machinery. We were lucky enough to spot a road sign declaring: Cactus Nursery. With an arrow pointing down a small drive where Greenhouses could be… Continue Reading →

Autumn Lawn Care

  Another day of lawn care today. So I had my assistant Josh unload the Toro’s, & I set up the Aeration blades to provide cut lines into the grass and slice grooves through the raised sections of the lawn…. Continue Reading →

#Zen Water Feature project

Aqua Scaping – Creating Garden Features with Water involved. #AquaScaping Shadow of the Gardener.#NewProject 🐺Building the Zen Garden. (Bonsai Trees: Rutland Bonsai.)#JapanesePagoda #MugoPine #Larch #Bonsai #DawnRedwood Blending Bonsai Trees & soft running water tones.#Rutland #AquaScapingBy 🙏 — Shadow… Continue Reading →

2022 Annual Leave & SOTG Van break in.

Due to an attempted theft of the Company Van last night, the vehicle is currently off the road for the next week or so while we await replacement parts; and get the required work done on it to make it… Continue Reading →

A trip to Rutland Water with the Canon and Shadow

June 16th 2022: Weather HOT! Conditions: HOT and sunny. Mood: Glorious. Camera: Canon M50 & EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM

Mechanic to do list

Husqvarna 135MKII Chainsaw – Offline awaiting repairs. – 1 still Online in SOTG Fleet. Husqvarna 535LK Combi Engine – 6 Months Downtime + – Awaiting spare parts Husqvarna + Rep involvement. – 1 still Online in SOTG Fleet. Toro TimeMaster… Continue Reading →

Fully Adjustable Orchard Ladder by Henchman

Professional 5m Model with Fully Adjustable Tripod Legs. Each leg adjusting and having either a claw foot, or a rubber grip shoe. To enable undulation of terrain & cutting height stability.   It’s the biggest they do, it’s why Shadow… Continue Reading →

Shadow of the Gardener High Performance Strimming with Husqvarna 535LK on Twitter

Wild grass patch High Performance Strimming – 16 Strands of 2.4mm line @ 10xSpeed – Canon M50. Husqvarna 545LK PowerOregon Aluminium Line HeadPfanner Protos Head & enhanced Ear & face protection.Helly Hansen Alna Winter ParkaTrousers by Stihl.Boots by Amblers.Gloves VGO… Continue Reading →


Find where the path starts, clear the way to where the path goes, then clear the path… Which is why we deploy our very own #Pathfinder… Machine cam fun & destruction up close and personal. SOTG Tools in the Video:… Continue Reading →

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