Firewood & Log Burner Fuel.

Taking orders for Spring 2023:

Bespoke Logs & Premium Log Burner or Firewood Services:

By Shadow of the Gardener.

  • Bespoke Daily Log Delivery Service
  • Bespoke Log Delivery
  • Bespoke Log Burner Fuel
  • Bespoke Sorting & Stacking
  • Mid Grade Logs & Fuel
  • Kindling
  • Bespoke Decorative Logs
  • Display Quality Lumber

From £150 per Cubic Meter – Delivered & Stacked.

Prices based on Selected Wood choices & Sizing Requirements.

Prices quoted are for Standard 6-12 Inch Small Log Burner sized Logs.

Other Sized Cuts, Options, Requirements or Requests:

Will be charged accordingly.


Logs are sorted and bundled together.
Depending on your specification or one of the following Choices:

  • Bespoke Daily Log Delivery Service
Premium Logs with Concierge & Valet Delivery.

Delivered & stacked to your requirements.

Daily if required.

Services provided for Premiere Clients or Holiday home owners in & Around Rutland.
  • Including Fire-starting Service to ensure a Warm home on your return.
  • Morning Papers & other essentials delivered.
  • Postal collection & Deliveries diversion Services.
  • Home appointment monitoring Service.
Other Concierge or Valet services are available from Shadow of the Gardener.

1.) Premium Graded Logs:

Ideal quality sized logs to ensure steady burning & heat.

For all Day or Night use.

High quality, Premium sized, long burning, chunky logs.

Ideal for overnight or during the day when the fire won’t be fully attended constantly.

Or when you wish to ensure the Log Burner stays lit for a few hours.

‘Don’t be up & down all the time to keep the Log Burner or Fire lit.

Let us do the heavy lifting before hand & we’ll sort it!’

2.) Mid Graded Logs & Odds:


Those logs you requested this Service for.

The odd shaped Logs, that only fit in your Log Burner on their own.

The awkward knotted pieces, irregular shaped, or a plain annoying limb stump sticking out that wedges in your Log Burner.  We heard enough complaints about this, & were asked more than enough, to decide to allow people to have these removed from their deliveries to be set aside for when they are of use on certain days.  Not to be stacked with the Premium Logs.

Though often the ‘Heart wood’ of the tree, so dense & very long burning.

The splitting machine sometimes spits these out, & their density, size or shape makes them impossible to split again.

As with the other odd or random splits that arise when processing lumber.

Shadow of the Gardener & our Clients find:

These make ideal additions once your Kindling has taken alight.

The odd shapes and often sinuous edges, catch alight easily and allow for a quick build up of Coals to ensure bigger Logs or substantial quantities of Medium Logs, have a good quality coal bed to provide plenty of Heat & a good level of fuel, to leave the Log Burner to do it’s duty for long periods of time.

Or for when you won’t want the Log Burner on for much longer, & would rather not waste a High quality log.


These are often the pieces that create unstable Log Store or Log Piles.

Their awkward shape creating a lean or uneven stacking.


So when asked if we could provide options to negate this chore, we decided this was something we could provide.

3.) Kindling:

The Splinters, the scraps, the Bark shreddings and the minor pieces or other Log processing that are large enough to be considered Firewood, that is ideal for fire lighting.

Ideal ignition fuel.

A mix of small to medium splinters or shards of wood, small enough and with plenty of surface to catch alight easily.

4.) Other Log Burner Fuel.

Seasonal Pruning & Offcuts.

Seasoned Branches, Sticks & Twigs by Special Order.

Or Advance Request Only.

Our Log Burner Loads are made up of the following options:

  1. Hard
  2. Softwood
  3. Mixed Load

Starting From £150 Per m2.

– Transit Van Load Delivery.

Delivered pre-sorted & stacked in your home.

Or we will refill your outside Log Pile, Log Store or Shed.

Bespoke Decorative Logs or Display Quality Lumber.

For those who only want to see the highest quality logs.

Hand selected for aesthetic purposes, rather than function.

Starting from £200 per Cubic Meter.


Make your Fireplace or Log Nook, fuel for the Eyes;

Not just the fire.

The top picks from any Deliveries, when the delivery comes in.

Prized smooth & matching Log pieces, or a pristine yet organic mix of Logs that are placed into a collection, sorted by hand & selected by eye; to fit together in a pleasing manner.

Or to be displayed & admired while watching the fire.

Also the ones we use when creating Bespoke Edging, Pathways or other Small Log Artwork or Bespoke Garden Features.

These Logs can be prepared for Varnishing or other Treatments, such as Staining, Carving, Sanding and Sealing.  Including Lime Sulphur Washes to age & preserve & give a Driftwood effect.

They can then be arranged and installed in your home.


Why the sudden interest in Log Burners or Log Fuel?

The Energy Savings Trust revealing that:

A wood-burning stove can cut a home’s overall heating bill by up to 10%

Other fuel sources and fuel prices have of course increased dramatically over the past few years.  Wood as a renewable & readily available source of Fuel, & modern Log Burner efficiency; has meant larger savings are potentially possible.

Efficient use of your Logs or Wood Fuel is the key to ensuring you get a cost effective burn & maximum amount of heat production.  A Stove Top Fan or other device can then be used to spread the heat produced to further increase your Log Burners efficiency.

Premium wood, when also sorted to filter out the lower quantity or inefficient sized pieces, will provide the right sized Logs to increase the amount you can stack & burn in your Log Burner.


Premium pre-sorted Logs that have also been checked to verify their Humidity content, will also increase your Log Burners Heat Production.  Maximising your Fires heat output, & enabling you to stay warmer, for less.


Wood of below 10% Moisture content is the ideal levels for Log Burning.

It will have been Seasoned correctly outdoors for several years to lower Moisture from around 50% to 20% & then no doubt brought to the correct Moisture levels in a Heated Barn or a Large Kiln.

Wood of 8-10% burns cleanly & reduces Tar production, it also catches alight faster & burns more intensely.


High Quality & low moisture content wood, is lighter but still feels dense.

More heat, less cleaning, more productive, warmer & burns properly.

A well laid & properly set fire using the best fuel you can source; will save money in the long run.

A correctly stored Log pile, saves you space.

It also increases the amount of fuel you can store in a smaller space.

We offer the above services, because you want to save the time.