Vgo equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

Vgo Gloves.  Used daily and usually for rough tasks; or hands on physical work in rough and tough conditions.

I don’t operate machinery without using their Anti Vibration Gloves.

Nor do I Strim without their Impact Protection Gloves.

When working with large Brambles or Thorns; their Thorn protection series are ideal.

While walking long perimeter fences on cold mornings inspecting property lines; the Drivers gloves keep the cold from numbing my fingers and are able to cope with unloading the SOTG Van of the Tools needed for the day ahead.


Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

Other than light duty gardeners gloves; most of the gloves I use at work are Vgo Gloves.

Once I used some of their Anti Vibration Gloves; I stopped spending a small fortune on Gloves elsewhere.

The fit and lifespan of Vgo Gloves is brilliant.

Hard wearing and comfortable; generous protection and user function.

Tactile, sporty fit for Technical work.