Introduction image for Shadow of the Gardener - Bespoke 4 Season Gardener and Garden Services for properties of an Acre or more in Rutland UK.

This is what the #SOTG Team does during:

Spring & Summer:

  • Spring Feeding.
  • Lawn Care, Mowing, Edging, Seeding, Aeration, Scarification 
  • Spring pruning & hedge cutting.
  • Strimming.
  • Weeding and Spraying.
  • Planting up, Growing fresh stock from seed.
  • Hydration & Watering.

Autumn & Winter:

  • Autumn Feeding & Planting
  • Chipping & Mulching.
  • Deadfall & Leaf Collection, Processing or Removal.
  • Hedge Work.
  • Lawn Care. – Aeration, Scarification, Levelling.
  • Orchard work and Wood Pruning.
  • Strimming.
  • Weeding and Spraying.
  • Wood Removal from Deadfall or Storm Damage.

This is not a full, nor extensive list; of Services Offered by SOTG.

If you do not see the Service you require, please ask about it.

Shadow of the Gardener.

“The Delicate sound of Horticultural Thunder in Rutland.”

Bespoke 4 Seasons Gardener

& Garden Services.

For properties of an Acre or more.

Consultancy & Design Services also available.

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- Rates Vary according to Machinery or Ladder Use Requirements -
Risk Factor & Public Liability or Insurance requirements.

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Summer 2023 Price Range:

Consultancy & Design Fees from £100 Per Hour.*

 Landscaping from £75 Per Hour. (Hard, Passive & Soft)*

Lead Gardener Fees from £50 Per Hour.*
Female Gardener from £32.50 Per Hour.*
Manual Labour Rates from £20 Per Hour depending on Tasks to be performed.*
Basic Lawn Cut, Beds, Light Hedge Trim with Beds & Borders tidy up: from £25 Per Hour.*

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Prices do not Include VAT.

SOTG is a VAT Registered Company.

Professional/Heavy Duty Petrol Powered Machine use & Fuel:

Will be Invoiced additionally & Charged per hour @ £2.50 Per Hour.

Lighter Duty or Battery Powered Fleet or Machine use.

Will be Invoiced additionally & Charged per hour @ £2.00 Per Hour.

EMERGENCY & Out of Hours.

For Storm Damage, Deadfall, Tree down, Pond Emergencies.

:.EMERGENCY & Out of Hours CALL OUT Charges Per Hour.:

  • Lead Gardener £250
  • Assistant £100
  • Manual labourers £75
  • JCB Excavator Operator £300 + JCB Costs

For Our Safety & Yours.
When working in Public spaces or near Public Accessed Areas.

SOTG's Current Ladder work Limitation = 10 Meters High Max.
Ladder Work over 2m High Requires Additional Staff & Costs.
We do NOT work beyond that height when Lone Working!

To Comply with Insurance - To evidence Trespass or Illegal Activity.
Shadow of the Gardener Ltd Reserves the Right to film during Deployment.
Including use of Drones and Body or Helmet Cameras.

We work mostly on high value, gated estates or other exclusive private properties.
SOTG is a VAT Registered Limited Company with Public Liability & Trade Insurances.
We are also a Registered Green Waste Carrier.
We operate Drones with Insurances for Professional Drone flights, Photography and Videography.

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You might get to see some of the tools & toys we use, when you are not looking!

Our Machine Fleet is Serviced by JKS Corby.

As you can see, we are not aimed at Smaller Gardens; we are aimed at much larger gardens, Estates or other larger private grounds requiring a Landsman to take care of the grounds.

We generally work for people who have at least Half an Acre of Lawn or more.
Or at least an Acre of Grounds, Gardens, Orchards, Paddocks, Pasture or Woodlands.

They require week in and week out work; by a Team of dedicated and skilled Gardeners.  With the machines and tools to deal with the Gardens, lawns and other essential Arborist duties required.

Through all 4 seasons, we work from the Gate right around the Perimeter, securing your privacy or cutting the Hedges, Shrubs or Trees.

Down and around all the Drives, Edges and Verges.

Wisteria, Vines, Orchard or Ornamental Training & Pruning.
Keeping, Feeding, Watering & Treating Greens, Lawns or Ponds.
Weeding and planting Beds, Borders, Features, Orchards.

Embankment or Commercial Backpack Strimming.

Our average Client garden size is around 5 Acres.

We are proud to work on some of the Historic local Halls, Mansions & Listed or named Buildings in the stunning County of Rutland.

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We Celebrated 10 Years in Horticulture.

2011 – 2021 #Relentless

For properties of an Acre or more.


VIP Residences or Private Gated Grounds.

Formal & Informal.

Grade Listed properties, Manors, Halls, Mansions & other important residences.

  • Hedge & Shrubs, Bonsai & Cloud Pruning, Topiary.
  • Beds, Borders, Drives, Hedges & Lawns
  • Ha-Ha’s, Knot Gardens, Parterre, Mazes.
  • Aquascaping, Pond care, Holiday Watering & Mist Spraying.
  • Automated Irrigation & Robotic Lawn Mowing.

If you’ve just bought a large property and have a wild garden?

We’ll tame it, train it, cut it, clear it, weed it and replant it.

We deploy Top end Professional Arborist Machinery.

From: ATCO, Cobra, Husqvarna, Stihl, TORO.

Along with an extensive range of Gardening Equipment;

To get the results you Required & your Garden Needed.

Where you see an untameable jungle, or dense growth gone wild…

We see a Challenge we want to take on.


Our Clients will personally reference the work SOTG has performed.

Lead Gardener with Assistant Prices Starting from £75 Per Hour + VAT.

A smaller garden, does not mean lower Rates.

– Free On Site Quote –

Valid for 6 Weeks from Viewing or Quoting in writing.

Fair Usage Policy Applies to Any & All Discounts offered.

Services for Day Bookings or Seasonal Work:

SOTG – Specialises in these:


  • Hedge Cutting / Hedge Trimming / Wood Chipping.
  • Hedge Restoration or Rejuvenation, Clearing or Culling, Prep for Hedge Laying.
  • Pre-Arborist clearing projects.
  • Lawn Care, Aeration, Scarification, Seeding, Feeding, Weeding, Spraying, Misting, Green Treatments.
  • Classic Striped Lawn Care or Creation.
  • Grass cutting, Lawn Mowing, Air mowing, Embankment/Steep slope mowing.
  • Ultra High Pressure Washing for Block Paving, Decking, Drives, Tennis courts etc.


For when you only have a few days to a few weeks worth of a combination of the above.

Yet do not require SOTG Services on a long term and regular booking.

You can book your choice of the above for a Day rate instead.



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