#WOLF-Garten equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

WOLF-Garten has a handy and large range of compatible gardening tools; combined with their click in system.

While also being very practical and well made; their product colouring is easy to spot in the garden!

  • Hand Tools.
  • Hand Fork.
  • Hand Trowel.
  • Hand Planter Trowel.
  • 4 cm through to 3 M extension handle or Handles.
  • Multiple Rake Heads or Attachments.
  • Long Reach + Branch Cutter Head/Gutter Cleaning Kit.
  • Soil Tending, tilling or weeding tools.

There is always a WOLF-Garten specific tool box ready to deploy on to the van.

Anything Short reach, or Ultra Long Reach.

There will be a few Handles also on the Van to get the job done!

WOLF-Garten always has a hand in the job getting done.

Allows me to only carry what I need but adapt it further if required.

The build quality is generally superb.

Precise and versatile.

Robust and light.

Mix and match click fitment system.

Practical Home Owner or Property Management System.


Also deployed often are the ground work tools or attachments.

Everything from soil milling to rake heads or brushes.


Through to the multiple Blades or style of cutting tools, such as the Secateurs, Anvil Secateurs and Grass Scissors.  Often found in the extra pockets I have on my person; while at work.

If it can fit and is required to work on the end of a small or long reach handle; Wolf Garten has something to cover it.


Drain & Gutter Cleaning tools or attachments are also deployed by SOTG.

Usually in conjunction with #Karcher Pressure washer systems for light weight pressure cleaning of Gutters and Domestic Drainpipes.
Anything Heavier Duty requires the Higher Pressured Ultra Washer.