Meet the SOTG Team.


  • Managing Director & Financial Team: Heather.
  • Assistant to Lead Gardener: Josh.
    • (Beds, Borders, Light Machines Only.)
  • Gardeners Logistics & Support Assistant: Martin
    • (Heavy duty Machine/Operations, Support & Landscaping or Bulk Material Transport.)
  • Lead Gardener & Owner: Simon.
  • Canine Support & Site Security: Shadow.

2nd Gardener & additional Assistant coming soon.

Their Roles & Hash Tags. [#]

Assistants or P.A’s do not Operate Heavy Duty Machinery, Chain Drive Saws or deploy Long Reach Cutting Systems.

  • – Simon – #PathFinder
  • Lead Gardener, Designer, 4 Seasons Planning & Execution of Grounds Care.
  • Creating the Delicate sound of Horticultural Thunder with the machines.
  • Dead fall through to Hedges and Grass.
  • Arborist, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw work &  Hedge Cutting or Training Technician.
  • The Cutting edge of the SOTG Team, out front, making the way forward clear so Josh can again show why we call him “the Human JCB”.

Long Reach, Ultra Long Reach & Working at Height Specialist.

Risk Assessment & Seasonal Planning.

4 Seasons Landsman.

Martin – #TheGoodMinion

  • Beds & Border Development.
  • Assistant Machine Operator for Trimming, Strimming, Hedge Cutting, Mowing & Blowing.
  • Safety Support for Public facing, Long Reach or at Height work.

Works with Simon to support the movement or use of some of our larger machines or fleet operations.

When large quantities of material need moving, or large machines are running; Martin will be supporting their operations and deployment.  While ensuring Simon is able to make best use of machine time or limit public noise intrusion and complete works effectively and efficiently.

Some of the equipment we deploy weighs over 100kg, so is either trailer mounted or operates from a trailer.

If deployable with wheels, it will require 2 people or more; to operate it safely.