Meet the SOTG Team.


  • Managing Director & Financial Team: Heather.
  • Assistant to Lead Gardener: Rachel.
  • Canine Support & Security: Shadow.
  • Lead Gardener & Owner: Simon.

Their Roles & Hash Tags. [#]

  •  – Rachel – #Fearless
  • Beds & Border Development Supervisor.
  • Assistant Machine Operator for Trimming, Strimming, Hedge Cutting, Mowing & Blowing.
  • Safety Support for Public facing, Long Reach or at Height work.

Does not Operate Chain Drive Saws or deploy Long Reach Cutting Systems.

“Runs the drop zone, weeds like a speedy Green Reaper; mows like it is her passion.”


  • – Simon – #PathFinder
  • Lead Gardener, Designer, 4 Seasons Planning & Execution of Grounds Care.
  • Creating the Delicate sound of Horticultural Thunder with the machines.
  • Dead fall through to Hedges and Grass.
  • Arborist, Brush Cutter, Chainsaw work &  Hedge Cutting or Training Technician.
  • The Cutting edge of the SOTG Team, out front, making the way forward clear, & so Rachel can work her magic.

Long Reach, Ultra Long Reach & Working at Height Specialist.