We are currently reaching out to our clients who have a large Lawn, or Lawns; as we are looking to trial some new Technology.

We have approached several of the large named Companies within our Industry, to test and evaluate Autonomous Robotic Mowers.

In an effort to find a cost effective & efficient solution; for continual Grass care and cutting lawns.

We are pleased to announce, that STIGA have accepted our proposal.

& JKS will provide a Machine and a Technician, to fit and set up the Autonomous Mower.

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Autonomous robotic lawn mowers.


We understand that paying someone to cut large lawns, can be prohibitive due to the annual cost of Labour and Machinery running costs.

However it is still a task that often as not; needs doing.

& you may not have the time or inclination to do it yourself.

Let alone wish to pay for the machinery, and then have to utilise space on your property; for something that is only used a few times a week or Month.  & often as not spends Months in a Garage, through the Wet & Winter Months where Lawn cutting is not required.


We do understand the large financial outlay, and running costs of needing or using; a Ride On Mower or Lawn Tractor.

& then the time it takes to cut the grass.

& that is if the Machine runs without fault or issue.

& you have the free time to do it.


We also know the pleasure than can be gained from cutting the grass too.

If that is something you wish to carry on performing yourself; we completely understand.

It has Horticultural Therapy benefits.  & that is something we are keen to promote.

Charles M. Schulz’s "Zamboni Quote"

Charles M. Schulz’s “Zamboni Quote”

I am not arguing with Mr Schultz; he was spot on.  I do think a Fourth option was omitted; Cutting Lawns.

(That is my personal bias showing though.  I hope he would forgive me and perhaps; approve.)

However, as things have evolved and will keep doing so; Auto Mowers have come a long way.

& they have now reached a point, that we are very interested in what they offer.

Having spoken with you no doubt on this matter at some point in the last few years; several Clients have shown interest in Autonomous Mowers.  Which is why we have pursued this.  & have at last found a Company willing to offer a Trial.


The system we are being allowed to use; and is being offered by us on a Trial basis.

  1. Requires No installation of buried or surface wiring around your property.
  2. It will run from GPS satellites and via 4G/5G technology.

So it will require a signal from both GPS and Mobile Communication Satellites/Networks.

Which I am sure all the sites this would potentially apply too; meet those requirements.

Allow me cut to the chase, now I have briefly outlined what is on offer.

& so full transparency is laid out from the start.

The Autonomous Robotic Mower Trial.

The trial will be 2 to 4 weeks of one of STIGA’s; Autonomous Auto Mowers.

It will not cost you, the client; anything.

The initial Survey required and setting up of the Automower and the power point it requires; will be FREE.

The installation & set up; will be performed by a Qualified Technician.

We will require your permission to take Photographs, Video and Drone footage of the Automower in operation.

You will be given the opportunity to review images or footage taken; prior to it being used:

On Shadow of the Gardeners Official Website, and SOTG’s, JKS’s or STIGA’s Websites or Social Media.

We understand privacy issues may be a concern; however the images or footage that is desired and sought.

Will be focussed on your lawn.  & not your personal places and spaces.

If you are happy for a wider shot of your lawn to be used; that would be appreciated to show scale or provide pleasing aesthetics.

We believe we have always made it clear; SOTG fully respects your privacy; and that is why we rarely use images of our Larger Clients homes or Property.  & never without your express consent.  We have always been clear from the outset on this matter.

You are not under ANY obligation to buy the machine that is on Trial.

It is so you can assess them & we can review them.

Also, so they can be tested to see how they perform against the current Machines SOTG deploys.

We spend a small fortune on the Machines and mowers we currently have; this might actually be as good for us; as it potentially is for you.

We are also very interested in the low impact these machines have on the garden and the environment!

  1. This is a Free Evaluation.
  2. Start to Finish.

If you do not like the machine, you can have it removed; and it will be removed as soon as possible if that is the case.

If you wish after the trial, to proceed with a longer term installation and use of Autonomous Robotic Mowers, we can discuss that if you wish.


Not for me, thanks.

If you would prefer to continue with Shadow of the Gardeners Bespoke approach to Lawn Care, and wish us to continue cutting your Lawn with the large range of Professional Grass Care machinery we normally use; that is also fine by us.

We offer the best in Lawn Cutting Technology, from large scale 50 Inch Zero Turn Ride on systems, through to 30 Inch Pedestrian mowing; right down to small scale 16 Inch Lawn Mowers.

& if you want your Lawn Striping; that is something are able and happy to provide.


If you are interested in this Trial.

To find out more about this offer; please contact Simon via WhatsApp.

Or let me know next time we are on your property; if it is of interest to you.

I am more than happy to chat about this in further detail, if you have any questions.


About STIGA and JKS.

Shadow of the Gardener is not affiliated with, nor paid or employed by either Company.

SOTG has our Machinery cared for and Serviced by JKS.  & in the many years we have used their service, they have not let us down.

Nor have they let any of our Clients down; when they have used their services.


We have also used STIGA machines previously.

& found them to be very capable.

We look forward to testing this machine; and others in the future.


Closing statement.

Any Reviews or content SOTG will produce about this trial.

Or any other machines or technology, will always be; Independent and Honest.

STIGA & JKS are well aware of our stance on this matter.

We do not accept paid for Product Placement, or engage in Product Seeding, Social Media; or Online Review manipulation.


In short, if we are not happy with a Service or Product; we tell it how it is.

Good or bad; that is how reviews, trials or Product testing should be.


Many thanks for your time reading this.

I hope it was of interest to you.