Oregon equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:



Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

When not operating the Back Pack strimmer; I use the Oregon Trimming Harness.

It’s my go to Harness for comfort when pole Strimming and Brush cutting,


When the Chainsaw is coming out; the Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protection Trousers and Oregon Yukon Chainsaw Protection boots are coming to work.  All weather protection and comfort.


The Aluminium String line head is so good I have 2 of them.

One mounted for the String trimmer for the Combi tool & One for the back pack trimmer.

Taking medium gauge String line from 2.4 mm through to 3.5 mm.

Can even be used to run 16 strands of line.

Instead of the standard 2 Line Strimming configuration.


The extra strands causing a constant higher output of strimming power where you need it.