Mpow equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

Mpow M30 Bluetooth Earphones.

For Hands Free Bluetooth connectivity at work.

Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

I own 2 Pairs of the Mpow M30’s.

Each set gives me about 3 hours of mid volume music per charge.  So I have a second set Pre Charged/Charging to allow all day performance for longer Lone Working days.  The fit and comfort offered is ideal for when you are hip deep in hedges or scrub all day.  Or operating heavy machinery with constant vibration.

Rain or sweat hasn’t stopped them; nor dirty tasks like when Green vegetation splatter is a constant occurrence.

I wear these when working on my hands and knees hand weeding, using my Hori Hori for Technical Weeding and hand clearing areas of thick planting or low branches shrubbery.  Rarely do they catch or come out when no required.  Their audio performance is more than adequate to keep my mind engaged listening to music to assist drowning out the sound of a small petrol engine powering professional arborist machinery through to Pedestrian Lawn Mowers.

I can often be found at task around my Clients gardens; with a pair of M30’s in.

I chose Red as an option due to them standing out more, if one does become dislodged or I drop one.

They contrast well against Grass, or the earthy darker Natural Materials I encounter day to day for work purposes.



An Autumn day can mean cleaning out leaf fall, small broken twigs and other garden matter; while on your hands and knees under a few small bushes or someones prize Roses.  It’s a time intensive, laborious; manual but precise technical work skill.  It’s very physical and you get poked and prodded by foliage or twigs.  You do your best to work in and out of the tight spaces without snagging yourself.  Wearing earphones protects you a little; as they provided a comfortable barrier.  One that can help you concentrate or communicate if needed.

While I use them mostly as a means of keeping my music choice personal; they do help reduce the sound levels of machinery I work surrounded by,  Yet in those situations I ind myself deep in a section of hedge it’s taken 20 minutes to clear myself into,  Not the best of places to have to take a call; but these earphone buds allow me the ability if I have to communicate and take a call or message.

More so if I have to make an emergency call in a time of need Lone Working in a place of that nature.  Away from Public sight, on a Private Estate so away from regular traffic.

So I rely heavily on my Bluetooth Headphones.


So far I have found the Mpow M30’s; work for me best @ work.