Hyundai equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:




Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

I’ve lost track of how many Hundreds of Metres this tool has culled or cleared.  From thick gauge bramble or thorns, through to thick grass and dense mattocks.  For less undulating work sites, with lots of swing clearance; this is a Monster tool.

Fitted with Thick Line it can destroy or mulch pretty much anything you throw at it.

Put a Mulching Blade or Clearing Saw on it and it deals Carnage.

Fit it with a Chainsaw Mulching head for high impact aggressive green material clearing; used for block carving a path or rough shaping as an extreme tool for extreme carving of scrub or bush.  This is one of the few “Brush Cutters” I have felt comfortable using a Chainsaw cartridge or cassette on the end of a machine that can and will spin it up to 9 Thousand RPM.  Once it is at that speed the Hyundai can hold it there and carry out some very quick work eating through shrubs or hedges, mattock grass or Nettle colonies.  Many other Cutters can run these types of after market heads.  Few can run them steadily at work loads and speeds to make them effective.  While also feeling safe doing so.

This is now reserved for the job it works the best for in my experience.

Hundreds of Metres of edge clearing between fence lines and the area the Ride On Lawn mowers take over.

Or when it is time to either establish or further advance the Seasonal Working Paths or Areas.


Due to the rigidity and working reach of this Split Shaft Machine; it’s very good at an ergonomic work pattern.

Thus a very effective and efficient line clearing machine.

The heft and torque of the engine block giving gravitas and ample momentum, to ensure the business end of the power shaft; has plenty of impetus behind it.