#Husqvarna equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

  • 535LK Power Unit or 129LK Power Unit.
  • Husqvarna 120iB 36V Cordless Blower.
  • Husqvarna 135 II Petrol Chainsaw with a 14″ Bar.

Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

S.O.T.G in action;

129LK Power Unit & Cultivator Attachment.

This is the Home Owner/Allotment sized Power unit in action on an allotment plot to prepare the ground.


S.O.T.G uses:  The 535LK Power Unit .

Professional grade model required for commercial work.


A serious Pro Gardener and Arborist Multi Tool engine; fitting a multitude of Attachments.

With which I perform;

Hedge Trimming. 

60cm / 55cm Blades – Long Reach/Short Reach.


Technical (Close range – HUSQVARNA RA850 Weed Scissors) and

Basic line Strimming, as well as Brush Culling.

When a quick strim is required, along Hedging or to quickly clear a path.  The Line Trimmer head can get the job done.  Easily fitted with various Line heads or spools; through to small lighter weight Grass cutting blades.  It’s the ever popular Weed whacker, String Trimmer, Line cutter, Stick trimmer or Strimmer.

When the job isn’t large enough for the heavy duty Line or Blades; or the time required doesn’t need the all day comfort of the Back Pack strimmer.  This will get the job done.  Mostly…

Heavy Duty Brush Cutting.

For when Line isn’t enough; as the grass got tough!

The String Spool or Line head can be upgraded to fit on of the Blades shown; or a huge range of others that this piece of equipment can run on the business end of the Trimmer Attachment.

Cultivation [Beds, Borders & Small plot]

For getting deep into a Flower Bed or carving through a border.  This mini rotovator gets the task done fast.

Hand forking through long Beds or Borders can be a time intensive and laborious task.

Taken on with this little tiller head; it can be done in far less time.

Ideal for breaking up the Surface, aerating and reducing compaction.

When wide gaps are left between plantings or stock, this can be used to break up the soil and promote root checking.

Yet also able to provide a fine tilth.

Produced over multiple passes to suit.


Power Brushing.

Ideal for large areas requiring a clean up.  Tennis courts and long pathways.  Drive redressing or Car Park area cleaning.

The power brush can move stones and gravel, leaf or detritus.  Works especially well with the Shadow of the Gardener #Karcher Jet Pressure Washing system.

Border and Edging Cutting, Shaping.

Pole Saw Pruning.

Combined with an Extended Reach system; I can operate without use of a ladder up to 3 – 4 Meters for Tall Hedges & Lower Canopy clearing or preparing for Tree Surgery access.

One of the main reason I opted to Invest in the Husqvarna Multi – Tool System.

Flexibility and All day performance.


I also use their much smaller and lighter bent shaft Strimmer unit; the 122c.

Used in smaller spaces or for detail Technical Strimming.

Runs Max 2.mm Spool fed Strimming Line (Professional Grade)

Where the opposite rotation of a regular Straight Shaft Strimmer might be required and it’s lightness as a machine means it can be operated in confined spaces.  Where a much larger professional Strimmer would not fit or be as easy to operate.

Runs a much thinner string so is safer in those confines where a larger string or bladed Professional model would be overkill.

Thinner line breaks easier so doesn’t have the lifting power a thicker line has.

So it breaks much easier on contact with heavier gauge debris and is safer to use by a skilled operator in close working spaces.

It works well as a Technical Line Edger, and can angled; or even run inverted to do so.

You can use this light weight line trimmer to sculpt a Flower Bed or Border edge to a crisp Edge.

Easy enough to define curved and straight lines.

Lawn edging is also well within it’s reach.



S.O.T.G Husqvarna Equipment is Fuelled by The Husqvarna Combi Can.

Allowing me to carry both Pre-Mixed fuel and Chainsaw Bar oil.

Tough enough to survive the Brush, Hedges & Forests I work in.

While also being able to survive; in the back of a busy Ford Transit van.

The blow back prevention is good, and filling or using it is easy as you can want

The pressure required to get the fuel flowing isn’t tremendous.  You shouldn’t tip the machine you are filling with pressure unless you are being heavy handed.

The filler stops fuel flow automatically once the fuel level in the tank reaches max filling height; leaving an air gap.

Slightly tipping the machine and fuel tank will allow more fuel to be added for longer working times.

Both the Fuel mix & the Lube spout are Backed up with an Easy Twit Lock System for added safety!

Yet to see this Combi-can; leak anything!




Husqvarna P.P.E used by S.O.T.G: