SOTG Drones.

Aerial Photo/Video work.

Surveys & At Height Assessments.

We offer various Aerial Photography & Videography Drone services:


Using Various Drones we can provide 4k and above footage if required.

Up to the height of One Hundred & Twenty Meters High.**

** 120m: This is the Max Flight height permitted by the CAA in the UK for Drone Flights.

& reach places that are hard to reach; or feature.



We operate using sub 250g Drones, and larger if required.

So we can perform Drone Flights in close proximity and in tight spaces if required.


Legal Information.

#SOTG Drones are Restricted to a Max working height of 120m High.

#SOTG Drones are deployed with Insurance & Public Liability in place.

#SOTG Drones cannot be deployed in areas Drone flights are not permitted.

If permissions are required; that is down to the Client to Seek & provide for every flight.

We will verify independently that we do have permission to use the spot designated as a Take Off & Landing Point [TOAL].

#SOTG deploys a Spotter when our Drones are in the air.

#SOTG Records Drone flights & uses CCTV during flights.

#SOTG Drones carry required Drone ID Details.

If we have deployed drones, we have done so from Public owned Land.

Or with Permission to TOAL from Private land.

If we have deployed drones over your property or land;

We have done so legally and are not invading your land or airspace.

If we have a Drone in the air & you have an objection.

If you believe we are inside the 30m required distance from uninvolved people; or your home/property.

Do not Approach or distract the Pilot.

Please contact the Spotter.

If the Pilot is alone;

This may be a reconnaissance flight.

It may be a Risk Assessment.

Please wait till the Pilot has landed the Drone safely; and they are safe to approach. 


Rates for Drone Work are always dependent on the Task required, Air Time and Risk; or Technical factors.

Contact Simon about this to discuss your needs.

Any Flight or Quote requiring a Risk Assessment is subject to a Risk Assessment Charge + Drone Flight time charges.

This service, is part of our Consultancy & Design Services range.



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