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Yamadori Redwoods – 3 more harvested today!

The SOTG Ground team and Tree Division, out and about with the hand tools today. (Josh my assistant with a few shovels & bags & me with the dog and the tree knowledge!)   Good conditions for Shadow the dog,… Continue Reading →

#Zen Water Feature project

Aqua Scaping – Creating Garden Features with Water involved. #AquaScaping Shadow of the Gardener.#NewProject 🐺Building the Zen Garden. (Bonsai Trees: Rutland Bonsai.)#JapanesePagoda #MugoPine #Larch #Bonsai #DawnRedwood Blending Bonsai Trees & soft running water tones.#Rutland #AquaScapingBy 🙏 — Shadow… Continue Reading →

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