Blackview products used by S.O.T.G.

Without my smartphone;

I’d be cut off from the world when working.

So I use a Blackview!

  • Mobile 1:
  • Blackview p10000Pro Rugged Smart phone.

So far the only phone tough enough to resist the heavy duty lifestyle my line of work is built upon.

This Pro grade Rugged Smartphone does all I require and can easily take a daily kicking in the line of duty.

Before finding Blackview Rugged phones I was going through 2 Mobile phones per year; due to impact damage while strimming, Brush cutting or ground clearing and removing lower Tree canopies for path clearance.  Mobile phones tend to spend  lot of time getting knocked around in my pocket while performing daily tasks at work.

Getting a Blackview was one of the best equipment choices I made since starting the Business.

The battery life is worth the price the unit cost!

It stays charged for days even when used constantly to play music, or for noise cancelling during loud machine operation for long periods of time.  When used in conjunction with Rated Ear Defenders.  Allows me a working week of use on a single charge.

As well as performing as my Mobile life line; due to Lone Working and operating dangerous machinery.

If I have an accident I rely on the one piece of kit I carry without fail.

My Mobile to call for Emergency Services; as well as take calls for Emergencies.


The camera is sufficient for my needs, and the range of apps it can run is good enough for my Business needs on Site.

  • Mobile 2:
  • Blackview BV5500Plus Rugged Smart phone.

A much smaller but still rugged phone for lighter duty days or when out and about and not working.


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