I like my Tools and Toys; I use them a lot…

Good or bad though, that is the question…


As a professional gardener I get the chance to use some nice machines and toys to get the job done.  Not all the tools or machines are top of the line or pro kit; sometimes a DIY tool will be all that is required.

I certainly like to make sure the good ones are honoured and the word spread about them.  Same goes for the bad one; though I don’t pull punches on any weaknesses or faults they have.

The reason I bother to write reviews; people ask me about my tool collection often.

It’s something I have done previously and has helped me form working relationships with Brands such as Adidas and Skins to name a few.  Helping them improve and develop their range to ensure future products meet expectations and requirements.


So here are the reviews of what I use and why.

I am in no way affiliated to any of the manufacturers; independent reviews only here.


Items currently being used pending reviews:

(I’ve added a few initial thoughts of the items listed to give an indication of how well they are performing till a full review is written.)


122c Line Strimmer/Trimmer.  (Used for technical strimming and currently loving this machine for it’s ease of use)

129LK Combi Unit – Line Trimming head – Cultivator Head – Weed Scissor Head.

122HD60 Hedge Cutters.


Easylift Harness.  (Expensive but saving me a lot of strain and effort!)


Hyundai HYBV26-2 Petrol Handheld Leaf Blower / Shredder / Vacuum (Won’t be buying one of these again, heavy, clunky and falls to pieces due to cheap plastics and rubbish ergonomics; also no throttle lock which is pretty standard stuff on most other blowers?  Shame as it has some decent power when it runs smoothly and pieces are not falling off…)

Hyundai 50.8cc Anti-Vibration Grass Trimmer  (Loved and used this to death, literally…  By far exceeded my expectations and the carnage I have caused with this for 18 months has been immense fun and given very rewarding results.  Clients amazed at how much this machine can do and take on; brilliant results and will outperform many machines in this power bracket that cost 4 time as much!  I’m sad to say it’s days are numbered and getting a direct replacement has been impossible.  Sadly the reason I will no longer use Hyundai kit for gardening with; can’t get hold of it and recent experiences with other Hyundai products has left me being let down by their machinery so other brands are taking their place.)



2.4mm Square Trimmer line.  (Brilliant line for lighter work on a bump feed head [122C and 129LK, devastating when used with a 4/8 line head unit on heavier stuff.  Total Decimation when used with a larger engined Brushcutter!) [Hyundai 50.8cc Anti-Vibration Grass Trimmer]

Wolf Garten:

I’ve got a lot of their Multi tool Click system tool heads and several of the handles or long Reach kit & I wouldn’t have as many of their tools or attachments and use them as much as I do if they were no good.  They are brilliant and really well made.