Welcome to the future.

See your Garden or Home from a completely different view…

Shadow of the Gardener is taking Gardening beyond traditional methods.

We can capture your garden or home in Ultra High Definition!

High Definition, 4k & even 5.2k!

From heights ranging from just a few Inches off the ground to 120 Meters above your garden or home.


We can program our Drones to tour your garden on a pre-programed flight path.

Every season the drones can be set to fly through your garden, and record the whole of your garden.

Then each season you can see the changes your garden has gone through.

The life story of your garden.

Something in years to come, you can look back on and admire, or show others how your garden transformed from what it was; to what it now is!

Or you can catch up with the latest works that have been undertaken or seasonal changes in your garden, Monthly or even Weekly!

Cherish the memories!

This is also a great way to capture your children’s imagination, and show them how the garden of their youth, turned into the garden they inherit.

All those childhood memories captured & stored digitally.


The Drone footage can be Time lapsed, or played in realtime.

Each Seasons footage can then be compiled to become a Movie like no other.

Your gardens evolution!


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