#Kärcher equipment S.O.T.G Deploys:

Kärcher Wet Dry Hard Surface Vac

On smaller Patio or detail work, a High end domestic appliance may be used due to access and cleaning strength required.

Our larger scale Professional Ultra High Pressure Washing System can be too powerful or large to get in and operate on site.

We have had good use out of the lower level models Kärcher offer for Home or Semi professional use.  As home cleaning systems go, the K Series of Washers has been reliable and comes with some very handy attachments.


Along with the Special Edition Kärcher Pressure washing System with standard Variable Lance & the pin point precise Power Lance.

Full Reviews pending for all equipment.

Scribbles and Notes posted below are works in progress…

My thoughts or views, my rhyme or reason.

Able to clean a full Tennis Court of 6 mm or more established Moss and Algae.

Back to a playable surface.

This Jet washer cleans to leave amazing results.

The High Bar rating and PSI at nozzle vs Water use (l/ph) can cut through years of ground in residue and muck.

Bringing light and colour into a once grimy and damp space.

Or making the paths clean and crisp; reducing the chances of slipping.