Small Orchard Ladders.

#SOTG Owns & Deploys the ‘Biggest brother’ of these ladders.

They come in at a whopping 4.8 Meters, & we love them.

We consider them the Apex of Larger Professional Ladder work & Safe use while on the bigger Ladders.

We decided it was time for another set of Henchman Ladders!

Though not the ones we predicted, a while back; in this review starter.

We’ve just ordered the Smallest set for working in & around the 2 Meter height area.


Given our Long Reach & Ultra Long Reach equipment is well stocked, and works out to 4 Meters.

So while we still have a use for a Mid Range set of these ladders.

Currently the workload for the Smallest of the Henchman Range; will be used almost as much as the 4.8 Meter high ones.

These will be deployed as soon as they arrive.


We have lot’s of work for them to do over the coming Months.