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2022 Annual Leave & SOTG Van break in.

Due to an attempted theft of the Company Van last night, the vehicle is currently off the road for the next week or so while we await replacement parts; and get the required work done on it to make it… Continue Reading →

Job Vacancy – Position – Gardener’s Labourer: #SOTGGL1

Gardener’s Labourer: Wanted.   £10 Per Hour Minimum.   Part time – Flexible hours to suit, 10am Start – 4pm Finish.  16 Hours Per Week or 64 Hours over a Working Month Period. To provide cover for 3 Days out… Continue Reading →

Toro TimeMaster

Apex predator level Grass cutting! From Toro.   Shadow of the Gardener is very pleased to announce the arrival of Toro into our Fleet of Machines & Mowers! We have just taken delivery of our first Toro Lawnmower.   Toro… Continue Reading →

Just a quick Hello! Thanks for the welcome to the Nextdoor Community & our Neighbours. In & Around Rutland. We are Shadow of the Gardener. “The delicate sound of Horticultural Thunder. Rutland UK. #Relentless Audio Music – Breathe Octaves by… Continue Reading →

Chainsaw Chains – Making your own Chains

Make your own Chainsaw Chains.   We get asked a lot about the Chains & how they are made or altered etc.   So here is a video to help show you what goes into Chainsaw Chains. – What bits are… Continue Reading →

Autumn 2021

When does Autumn start in the UK? 1st of September is when the Meteorological Autumn, begins. For most of us though, the Autumnal Equinox is what is considered, the true start of Autumn. What is the first day of autumn… Continue Reading →

Autumn tasks

As September heads towards the midway point, the upcoming jobs for the season should start being considered. As the weather is showing signs of Autumn…   Lawns should now be prepared for Winter and potential dormancy. Now is a good… Continue Reading →

A thank you for kind deeds done by a stranger!

Just a quick note to the kind lady who rang last night to inform us that DPD had somehow managed to deliver items meant for Shadow of the Gardener; to her home by mistake.   I don’t have anything really… Continue Reading →

Japanese Gardener’s Sickle Review

Sharp evil bringer of doom! & I LOVE IT! Fed up of faffing around trimming down Spring bulbs with scissors or secateurs and always have to trim the ones individually you cant bunch together to cut neatly? Use this little… Continue Reading →

Spring 2021 “Has it sprung? Frost Warning – Blog Post

Random thought during Spring starting – especially this year with Covid19.   Personal thoughts update & a few bits of info for those following the Social Media Stream, Casts or YouTube Video’s. =] I personally have never known a more… Continue Reading →

Tennis Court cleaning with the Ultra High Pressure Wash (UHPW) and a Whirlaway + Power Brushing!

Moss be gone!   Intro: 200 Bar/3000psi Tennis Court Cleaning.   Up & running. Bad day at the office… Equipment/Kit in the video’s.   “Watertek Pro Loncin G420 21LPM 200 Bar Mazzoni Pressure Washer” Pump Model: 21 Litres Per Minute… Continue Reading →

That heart breaking moment when one of you Clients gets ripped off by another “Trade person”

Not often I get really angry…   My longest standing client has just had some work done on their Patio/Paving. Several of the stone slabs have over the years cracked, worked loose and were in dire need of some attention…. Continue Reading →

Music to work by

I enjoy listening to music while working. Drowns out the hum of the Chainsaw/Pole pruner etc. Also helps build a good cadence/rhythm so increases productivity. 😉 Today this jumped up on my playlist & I totally got in the zone…. Continue Reading →

Snow in Rutland

Just a reminder to SOTG Clients.   If you have any issues being snowed in or are having trouble on your properties caused by the snow. Shadow of the Garden is open & happy to come clear your drive or… Continue Reading →

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