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1.8 Meter Adjustable Tripod Ladder by Henchman

Small Orchard Ladders. #SOTG Owns & Deploys the ‘Biggest brother’ of these ladders. They come in at a whopping 4.8 Meters, & we love them. We consider them the Apex of Larger Professional Ladder work & Safe use while on… Continue Reading →

Winter has arrived #Weather Alert – Frost or Cold snap

Weather Alert – Serious Frosts. Cold Snap predicted. Dec – 08 – 17th December 2022. Possible Snow.

Love Heart & Arrow Bonsai Tree – Chinese Elm

Love Heart & Arrow. Chinese Elm Bonsai by:   Was a cold December evening, into the Bonsai Studio Shadow and I entered.   Selected a few trees, sorted out the lights, grabbed the wire, got busy & got cold…

Clay balls

Mountain deep… Ant & Mole hill removal part 2. Empingham. Nov 2022.   Lawn works; One machine down, and no word yet on a price or replacement for the fried drive belt for the Toro. So only one Aerator to… Continue Reading →

Toro down. [Scarifier]

Drive belt… One machine down… Clay… Ant Hills, Mole hills & more clay. #SOTG is currently preparing a lawn for some long over due renovation & rejuvenation. As well as remove & flatten Clay deposits, thick mud pockets, & old… Continue Reading →

Yamadori Larch repot

Nov 2022. Yamadori – Wild grown Larch – 7 years Old.  

Overwintering – Cheating Nature

Bonsai Studio. Setting up the workspace. Shadow Camera View. Video Gallery. Time lapsed: Drift Camera   Equipment;   Camera’s. Drift Ghost XL Action Camera & Drift Ghost XL Action Camera Ghost Edition. Tripod: By Joby Secateurs: Felco Model 2 Large.

Rodents and unwanted house guests

Unwanted house guests. Just a reminder that it is this time of year, as the overnight temperatures really start to drop outside. That mice and other furry unwanted house guests, may start to seek somewhere warm and cosy. Especially if… Continue Reading →

Quick Pine repot after wind blows over recently collected Yamadori Pine

Quick Pine repot. Quick repot after strong wind blows a recently collected Yamadori Pine tree over. Using Hori Hori by Dr Otek & Fiskars. Brief appearances by Shadow. 🐺 Also seen in the video are Felco Number 2 Secateurs & Spear… Continue Reading →

Ulmus parvifolia – Chinese Elm

Over the last Month or so we have been harvesting some of our potential bonsai stock. Grown locally here in Rutland, locally hardy and in an exposed place.  So the stock is weather worn and also generally tougher and more… Continue Reading →

Heat Stress Warning – Rutland – 30 Degree Plus Weather Warning Issued

Starting from this weekend. Heat Stress Warning: 30 Degree Celsius & Above Weather Warnings Issued. Looks highly likely we will enjoy another heatwave, of around 3 days initially of above average temperatures. Forecast currently showing Heat for 3 Days Peaking… Continue Reading →

SOTG Van update

After the recent attempted break in of the SOTG Van. Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Matt @ Morris Motors LTD For his efforts getting the Van back into a state where it can be driven, & for… Continue Reading →

2022 Annual Leave & SOTG Van break in.

Due to an attempted theft of the Company Van last night, the vehicle is currently off the road for the next week or so while we await replacement parts; and get the required work done on it to make it… Continue Reading →

Job Vacancy – Position – Gardener’s Labourer: #SOTGGL1

Gardener’s Labourer: Wanted.   £10 Per Hour Minimum.   Part time – Flexible hours to suit, 10am Start – 4pm Finish.  16 Hours Per Week or 64 Hours over a Working Month Period. To provide cover for 3 Days out… Continue Reading →

Toro TimeMaster

Apex predator level Grass cutting! From Toro.   Shadow of the Gardener is very pleased to announce the arrival of Toro into our Fleet of Machines & Mowers! We have just taken delivery of our first Toro Lawnmower.   Toro… Continue Reading →

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