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Japanese Gardener’s Sickle Review

Sharp evil bringer of doom! & I LOVE IT! Fed up of faffing around trimming down Spring bulbs with scissors or secateurs and always have to trim the ones individually you cant bunch together to cut neatly? Use this little… Continue Reading →

Spring 2021 “Has it sprung? Frost Warning – Blog Post

Random thought during Spring starting – especially this year with Covid19.   Personal thoughts update & a few bits of info for those following the Social Media Stream, Casts or YouTube Video’s. =] I personally have never known a more… Continue Reading →

Tennis Court cleaning with the Ultra High Pressure Wash (UHPW) and a Whirlaway + Power Brushing!

Moss be gone!   Intro: 200 Bar/3000psi Tennis Court Cleaning.   Up & running. Bad day at the office… Equipment/Kit in the video’s.   “Watertek Pro Loncin G420 21LPM 200 Bar Mazzoni Pressure Washer” Pump Model: 21 Litres Per Minute… Continue Reading →

That heart breaking moment when one of you Clients gets ripped off by another “Trade person”

Not often I get really angry…   My longest standing client has just had some work done on their Patio/Paving. Several of the stone slabs have over the years cracked, worked loose and were in dire need of some attention…. Continue Reading →

Music to work by

I enjoy listening to music while working. Drowns out the hum of the Chainsaw/Pole pruner etc. Also helps build a good cadence/rhythm so increases productivity. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Today this jumped up on my playlist & I totally got in the zone…. Continue Reading →

Snow in Rutland

Just a reminder to SOTG Clients.   If you have any issues being snowed in or are having trouble on your properties caused by the snow. Shadow of the Garden is open & happy to come clear your drive or… Continue Reading →

When it all goes wrong…

  Full on schedule all day and an early morning machine failure is the last thing you need; right? Who ya gonna call?   Nahhh; not Ghostbusters… The lads down atย JKS Garden Machinery & Repair!!! ATCO Lawn Mower. I try… Continue Reading →

Breaking in the new Husqvarna 535LK and HA200 Short Hedge cutters

Lush day at work today taming a Holly hedge. Giving it a new lease of life, with a more rounded and manicured shape to facilitate it’s new training regime!ย  ๐Ÿ˜€   Made more fun as it was first day on… Continue Reading →

Storm Damage Emergency call out

Weather Warnings in place for Rutland. Yellow warning of wind From 04:00 BST on Fri 21 August To 18:00 BST on Fri 21 August SOTG is on call if required to clear storm damage and Windfall or repair property lines… Continue Reading →

Wisteria – Summer pruning – 2020 Book your Wisteria in today.

Wisteria –   It’s that time of year again to start culling excessive growth on your Wisteria; to ensure next years flowering is more spectacular than this years! Also a time to ensure any wiring work or supports are still… Continue Reading →

Shadow’s lottie life blog post July 2020

    Canine News and Woofdates: by Shadow the Therapy Dog. Part of the BBC. Broadcasting Border Collies. Uppingham – Leicester Road Allotments. July 2nd/3rd Over 10 Allotment Sheds/Properties broken into and other acts of vandalism. Hiya!ย  I’m Shadow, the… Continue Reading →

& they look good!ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

Fell down a fox hole today

Sadly not the start to a really good drinking song. ๐Ÿ˜‰   Tis true though, I did indeed fall down a fox hole today. Whoops… While out working performing some heavy duty line strimming with the Stihl backpack brushcutter.ย  Some… Continue Reading →

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