Mountain deep…

Ant & Mole hill removal part 2.


Nov 2022.


Lawn works;

One machine down, and no word yet on a price or replacement for the fried drive belt for the Toro.

So only one Aerator to carry on grading the lawn with, I set Josh & Rachel into Beds, Borders and Material removal.  While I carried on carving clay hills to get down to the grass root structure.

Rachel continuing to clear detritus throughout the beds or borders filling several Merchant bags of mixed compostable material.  Or quantities of materials that will require further processing.  Through to a few others of items that will either need burning or seasoning to then burn.

Rachel will also be culling excess annual growth, or making a swathe around larger stock or group plantings; to clear larger root balls or deep plantings once access is granted.

Josh was removing stock and preparing waste for composting, while also supporting Rachel.


A less than ideal start to the day, as the Fuel stop in the morning to refill the Jerry can, was wasted.

Stopped up at the Fuel station, 20 Litres of fuel into the Jerry Can.  Paid, driven to work.

Pulled up at the Clients.  The Jerry can was empty, and the fuel had drained.

Once in a while it seems to find that odd escape angle then fall wrong.

So on the backfoot from the get go.

Managed to get stuck in once more fuel was sourced.

The Team getting stuck in, filling several bulk bags each, to be removed from the Clients site later.