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SOTG Lawn Mower Fleet

The main work horse for Lawn Grass Cutting, clipping & tending Greens. SOTG Lawn Mowing Fleet.   From The rough, to the Fairway, the wild grass bordered against a Perfectly Classic Striped Lawn. To the Ultimate Finish of Bowling Green… Continue Reading →

Autumn 2021

When does Autumn start in the UK? 1st of September is when the Meteorological Autumn, begins. For most of us though, the Autumnal Equinox is what is considered, the true start of Autumn. What is the first day of autumn… Continue Reading →


Jobs for the weekend! The Garden will more than likely want a good soak given the dry spell/lack of rain; for weeks here in Rutland. So now is a good time to prune back unwanted or dying foliage.To preserve the… Continue Reading →

Autumn tasks

As September heads towards the midway point, the upcoming jobs for the season should start being considered. As the weather is showing signs of Autumn…   Lawns should now be prepared for Winter and potential dormancy. Now is a good… Continue Reading →

Spring 2021 “Has it sprung? Frost Warning – Blog Post

Random thought during Spring starting – especially this year with Covid19.   Personal thoughts update & a few bits of info for those following the Social Media Stream, Casts or YouTube Video’s. =] I personally have never known a more… Continue Reading →

Snow in Rutland

Just a reminder to SOTG Clients.   If you have any issues being snowed in or are having trouble on your properties caused by the snow. Shadow of the Garden is open & happy to come clear your drive or… Continue Reading →

Shadow & I in the snow checking the Bonsai Nursery

Woke up today to a Winter Wonderland of snow fall. Shadow & I both enjoy a good walk in the snow, more so if I can take the camera out with me for some fun.  

Lawn Scarification & Aeration – Spring 2021

2021 – Lock down specials! As the turn of Spring creeps towards us. Your lawn will probably be more than ready for some TLC! Shadow of the Gardener is taking bookings now for: Lawn Scarification. Lawn Aeration. Moss and Thatch… Continue Reading →

Xmas 2020

Xmas 2020. Just a quick message to all Clients and friends of Shadow of the Gardener.   Wishing you all a Merry Xmas and hoping the trials and tribulations of this year fade as the New Year approaches. Have a… Continue Reading →

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head with Nylium Trimmer Line ~ £17 online. This enables a sturdy and stable platform to run up to 8 lines of cord for blitzing even thicker weeds, scrub and dense patches of thorn or… Continue Reading →

Spring is coming… Bookings by arrangement Only now ~ Due to a Full Client Roster for the 2020 Season.   SOTG is still operating ~ Tending Private Clients Gardens Only. For the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.    … Continue Reading →

Temperature rising

Summer approaches #BST   As the approach of British Summer Time closes in, the temperatures are set to start heading up steadily over the next few days.  Pushing beyond 20 degrees and into the mid 20’s. The recent weeks of… Continue Reading →

Rain rain go away…

It’s been a very wet and soggy week this week in Rutland. (Most of the rest of the UK also.)   Not ideal conditions for gardening, though for some tasks it’s actually beneficial.  (Liquid feeds and fertilisers are best used… Continue Reading →

Flowering Cacti

Turning the lights on and the heat up – Part 2

Carrying on from…  Here. & also Here.   This is what I have been up to recently in the Studio…   I have a lot of seed stock to sow this year.  As can be seen in one of the… Continue Reading →

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