Unwanted house guests.

Just a reminder that it is this time of year, as the overnight temperatures really start to drop outside.

That mice and other furry unwanted house guests, may start to seek somewhere warm and cosy.

Especially if it is dry and a food source is near by.


Before long your living space or outside storage spaces might soon have their own families of Mice or larger rodents.

Remember to reload your bait traps or replace outdoor ones with fresh bait.

Remember to start checking them for activity or use and keep reloading them.

Or start checking your other humane alternatives for Captured animals.

So you can relocate them safely. šŸ™‚

Having used these non commercially over the summer, due to mice in a workshop.

SOTG is happy to say these work and do what you require; if you are not so keen on getting close to live or contained mice.

Or their numbers require a cull.

We use this Bait:

– With these Traps:

At the first signs of Rodent Activity, acting sooner rather than later will help reduce the damage or impact that can be caused with a Rodent infestation.Ā  Rutland is a Rural Area, so little guests are not uncommon.

As soon as Rodents have enough time to start breeding, it increases the effort and costs of getting rid of them properly.

Please alert a member of the SOTG Team or contact the Lead Gardener; if you think you have a Rodent problem or other wanted House Guests have decided to visit.

We may be able to deal with it, or we can assist you in locating a Tradesperson who can.