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SOTG Lawn Mower Fleet

The main work horse for Lawn Grass Cutting, clipping & tending Greens. SOTG Lawn Mowing Fleet.   From The rough, to the Fairway, the wild grass bordered against a Perfectly Classic Striped Lawn. To the Ultimate Finish of Bowling Green… Continue Reading →

Spring 2021 “Has it sprung? Frost Warning – Blog Post

Random thought during Spring starting – especially this year with Covid19.   Personal thoughts update & a few bits of info for those following the Social Media Stream, Casts or YouTube Video’s. =] I personally have never known a more… Continue Reading →

Lawn Scarification & Aeration – Spring 2021

2021 – Lock down specials! As the turn of Spring creeps towards us. Your lawn will probably be more than ready for some TLC! Shadow of the Gardener is taking bookings now for: Lawn Scarification. Lawn Aeration. Moss and Thatch… Continue Reading →

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head

Oregon 110980 Universal Aluminium Fixed Head with Nylium Trimmer Line ~ £17 online. This enables a sturdy and stable platform to run up to 8 lines of cord for blitzing even thicker weeds, scrub and dense patches of thorn or… Continue Reading →

Spring is coming… Bookings by arrangement Only now ~ Due to a Full Client Roster for the 2020 Season.   SOTG is still operating ~ Tending Private Clients Gardens Only. For the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.    … Continue Reading →

Turning the lights on and the heat up – Part 2

Carrying on from…  Here. & also Here.   This is what I have been up to recently in the Studio…   I have a lot of seed stock to sow this year.  As can be seen in one of the… Continue Reading →

Turning the lights on and the heat up

Spring 2019 seriously begins for SOTG… Now the frost chance overnight has seriously reduced and the workload of post Winter and Pre Spring clearing and tidying for Clients is mostly in hand or close to being so. I turn my… Continue Reading →

Sowing at Easter

As can easily be seen and felt, the weather is turning into the warmer side of Spring and the lead into the seasons getting warmed up to allow plants to thrive. I will now be spending more time on the… Continue Reading →

Tempting as it is…

Hold off just a week or Two longer!   Before putting those tender plants out or starting to sow tender stock till the last of the frosts or risk of frost has passed.   The urge to get started and… Continue Reading →

Tender stuff alert

Just checking the weather for the job list ahead for this week and as I predicted a few weeks ago…   It’s about to turn cold again, so the recent mild and sunny weather may have convinced some people to… Continue Reading →

One of the questions

I get asked the most The reason I post this, is because I get asked a fair few Gardening related questions, and a lot of them; I get asked a lot. I get asked about a lot of other things… Continue Reading →

Managed to fit in a flying visit to a Client today in Oakham and give the garden space a quick blast and initial Shadow of the Gardener Stage 1 clear.  To allow further thought on what can be done next… Continue Reading →

Weather Warnings Issued (11/03/2019 – 15th march 2019)

Regular Schedule interruption: Given the potential for storm damage and other major damage from Forecast storms & volatility of the weather ahead for the next few days. From Tuesday the 12th of March till Saturday 16th of March – Non… Continue Reading →

February 14’s

Given my recent post about not trusting this weather, I feel taunted somewhat by the last few days…   It’s been a steady and very sunny Blue skied and balmy 12 – 14 and even touching 15 degrees here in… Continue Reading →

A few months ago there was of course the usual spate of slow news day journalism, when many of the usual Newsagent shelf papers name some weather front and roll the dice on it causing a day or two of… Continue Reading →

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