2021 – Lock down specials!

As the turn of Spring creeps towards us.

Your lawn will probably be more than ready for some TLC!

Shadow of the Gardener is taking bookings now for:

  • Lawn Scarification.
  • Lawn Aeration.
  • Moss and Thatch Treatments.
  • Lawn Feeding.
  • Lawn Greening.

Lawn Scarification & Aeration prices starting from £40 Per Hour; Including Green Waste removal of the Moss & Thatch!

Your lawn is systematically taken over by Moss and Thatch, reducing the actual amount of Grass in your lawn, making it look patchy, feel spongy and reducing it’s ability to take in Water & Air; which damages your lawn.

SOTG will use a Scarifier to remove the built up Moss & Thatch, and discourage Lateral Rhizome spread.  To allow more Grass to grow and for a much healthier better looking Lawn for Summer 2021!

Then use a Lawn Aeration machine to slice into the lawn, allowing air to penetrate deep into the lawn and give the Grass roots much more air.

Top Dressing & Reseeding available after Scarification & Aeration.

Lawn Feeding and Iron Sulphate Green Treatments from £30 – £45 Per Hour + Feed & Treatment products.


Members of #ExcludedUK or SME’s who are part of the #ExcludedUK will be given a Discount!