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2022 Annual Leave & SOTG Van break in.

Due to an attempted theft of the Company Van last night, the vehicle is currently off the road for the next week or so while we await replacement parts; and get the required work done on it to make it… Continue Reading →

Travis Perkins hot delivery

As ever, getting Bulk deliveries when you want them & then dropped where you want them. Is a nightmare!   Logistics eat up my day like nothing else does. Ask my new Team member Josh about that.   Today I… Continue Reading →

A trip to Rutland Water with the Canon and Shadow

June 16th 2022: Weather HOT! Conditions: HOT and sunny. Mood: Glorious. Camera: Canon M50 & EF-M 55-200mm f/4.5-6.3 IS STM

Nature pond

One of the projects we are currently working on. A nature pond, for one of our Clients. (Thank you kindly for the permission to use the image, H&J. ) We’d like to thank the following for getting us the stock… Continue Reading →

Mechanic to do list

Husqvarna 135MKII Chainsaw – Offline awaiting repairs. – 1 still Online in SOTG Fleet. Husqvarna 535LK Combi Engine – 6 Months Downtime + – Awaiting spare parts Husqvarna + Rep involvement. – 1 still Online in SOTG Fleet. Toro TimeMaster… Continue Reading →

Job Vacancy – Position – Gardener’s Labourer: #SOTGGL1

Gardener’s Labourer: Wanted.   £10 Per Hour Minimum.   Part time – Flexible hours to suit, 10am Start – 4pm Finish.  16 Hours Per Week or 64 Hours over a Working Month Period. To provide cover for 3 Days out… Continue Reading →

Toro TimeMaster

Apex predator level Grass cutting! From Toro.   Shadow of the Gardener is very pleased to announce the arrival of Toro into our Fleet of Machines & Mowers! We have just taken delivery of our first Toro Lawnmower.   Toro… Continue Reading →

PROTOS® INTEGRAL Full Face and 360 Head Protection. Including Integrated Ear Defenders for Low Profile Work. Integrated Eye Optics & Upgraded Metal Face Visor. Certified for Air and Ground Arborist & Forestry Work. Most of the set up has arrived… Continue Reading →

Bending Branches

How & why do you need to bend Tree branches? First the Why?   You may just need to?  To train a Tree, or shape a Shrub. Deter a larger tree sending a branch the wrong way, or somewhere not… Continue Reading →

Shadow on Twitter  

Fully Adjustable Orchard Ladder by Henchman

Professional 5m Model with Fully Adjustable Tripod Legs. Each leg adjusting and having either a claw foot, or a rubber grip shoe. To enable undulation of terrain & cutting height stability.   It’s the biggest they do, it’s why Shadow… Continue Reading →

Shadow of the Gardener High Performance Strimming with Husqvarna 535LK on Twitter

Wild grass patch High Performance Strimming – 16 Strands of 2.4mm line @ 10xSpeed – Canon M50. Husqvarna 545LK PowerOregon Aluminium Line HeadPfanner Protos Head & enhanced Ear & face protection.Helly Hansen Alna Winter ParkaTrousers by Stihl.Boots by Amblers.Gloves VGO… Continue Reading →


Find where the path starts, clear the way to where the path goes, then clear the path… Which is why we deploy our very own #Pathfinder… Machine cam fun & destruction up close and personal. SOTG Tools in the Video:… Continue Reading →

Just a quick Hello! Thanks for the welcome to the Nextdoor Community & our Neighbours. In & Around Rutland. We are Shadow of the Gardener. “The delicate sound of Horticultural Thunder. Rutland UK. #Relentless Audio Music – Breathe Octaves by… Continue Reading →

Digging out my first Yamadori Redwood

Yamadori Redwood for Bonsai material. By Shadow of the Gardener. January 2022. Lead Gardener and the Lead Gardener’s Assistant. A day in the life of a Gardener series. Bonsai Collection Part .   Given the colder weather & frosts Rutland… Continue Reading →

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