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Drone Flight Test

Drone: DJI Air2S.

Frost hazard

Cold moon tonight… Frosts are coming…

Love Heart & Arrow Bonsai Tree – Chinese Elm

Love Heart & Arrow. Chinese Elm Bonsai by:   Was a cold December evening, into the Bonsai Studio Shadow and I entered.   Selected a few trees, sorted out the lights, grabbed the wire, got busy & got cold…

Clay balls

Mountain deep… Ant & Mole hill removal part 2. Empingham. Nov 2022.   Lawn works; One machine down, and no word yet on a price or replacement for the fried drive belt for the Toro. So only one Aerator to… Continue Reading →

Toro down. [Scarifier]

Drive belt… One machine down… Clay… Ant Hills, Mole hills & more clay. #SOTG is currently preparing a lawn for some long over due renovation & rejuvenation. As well as remove & flatten Clay deposits, thick mud pockets, & old… Continue Reading →

Yamadori Larch repot

Nov 2022. Yamadori – Wild grown Larch – 7 years Old.  

Night photography – Long exposure in the rain – Uppingham – Rutland

London Road Midnight: Wet Autumn night walking the dog.   That moment a DeLorean flashed through Uppingham at night. đŸ˜‰ #CanonM50 #NightShootPhotography #Rutland #Uppingham #SOTG — Shadow Of The Gardener (@s_o_t_g_uk) November 27, 2022


The Sun sets, on: Autumn 2022.

Autumn has arrived

In the Autumnal misty moment. Photography by Shadow of the Gardener Rutland – UK Canon M50 #InTheAutumnalMistyMoment #Rutland #Uppingham #Autumn

#ChineseElm Yamadori Branch selection and shaping

Chinese Elm. Ulmus parvifolia Private Stock Workshop. Nov 2022. Somewhere in Rutland. Side View.


Ash & Sawdust…   Life is so exciting when you have to start doing Winter cleaning work. Sadly not the fun type with my usual power tools.   I find my self in the situation, of buying a Henry Hoover…. Continue Reading →

Overwintering – Cheating Nature

Bonsai Studio. Setting up the workspace. Shadow Camera View. Video Gallery. Time lapsed: Drift Camera   Equipment;   Camera’s. Drift Ghost XL Action Camera & Drift Ghost XL Action Camera Ghost Edition. Tripod: By Joby Secateurs: Felco Model 2 Large.

Pond winterising

Pond winterising. With Autumn leaf fall in full swing, winds rising and temperatures dropping now the clocks have changed. The big question. Leave the pond to take the brunt of the weather, or put it to bed for Winter?  … Continue Reading →

Rodents and unwanted house guests

Unwanted house guests. Just a reminder that it is this time of year, as the overnight temperatures really start to drop outside. That mice and other furry unwanted house guests, may start to seek somewhere warm and cosy. Especially if… Continue Reading →

Succulents and Cacti

Cactus Nursery visit. While away for the weekend near the coat on SOTG business sourcing machinery. We were lucky enough to spot a road sign declaring: Cactus Nursery. With an arrow pointing down a small drive where Greenhouses could be… Continue Reading →

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