Working with Nature to restore & balance your Garden.

Regrowing, repairing & rebuilding natural beauty within your Garden.

A natural & passive approach to your Garden.


Shadow of the Gardener has worked with Clients previously to reintroduce habitat & vistas of older days gone by.

Where their natural protection and borders are with working Ha Ha’s, historic Stone work & Dry Stone walls.

Rebuilding or rejuvenating Hedges, Repairing or laying Thousands of meters of Property lining rows.


Cleaning ponds & bringing back wildlife.

Reintroducing wild habitat, providing shelter, improving the ecosystem within a garden.

Reprocessing the materials in the garden as we clean through it & clear out what needs removing.

Recycling the natural Organic spoil or bounties of your garden.

Feeding it back, sustaining the growth & natural beauty it contains.


This is a long term passive approach for the most, though comes with high intensity patterns of laborious work; much of which is done operating machines.


It is also a system of bringing back plants or animals long gone from our shores.

So it is for the future; not always the now.


Rutland is a very progressive County, & rewilding it has been something it has actively sought out & succeeded in.

Such as the Ospreys & Red Kites.

Many Land Owners have also taken to doing their bit.

& SOTG has supported these projects over a period of several years.


The results are starting to show in some of our Clients Gardens.


We have sown thousands of seeds, planted hundreds of trees & grown some of the rarer or lost plants & fauna of our great lands.

In doing so we have provided alternative homes & shelters for creatures, a more diverse supply of food & also out of season options that have been missing from our shores for a long time.

So we support rewilding, even if it is only maintaining a neglected section of Hedgerow you share with a neighbour.