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The Old Windmill in Rutland

Grade 2 Listed Windmill in Rutland.     Interesting when you see something that has caught your eye; pop up for sale at a later date. & when I say caught your eye; I mean for specific reasons; & then… Continue Reading →

Chinese Elm Yamadori – Root Prune and trunk selection

Initial photographs & then speeded up 8 time video of me taking the Yamadori Chinese Elm from the 60 Litre Container.   Prune the roots as I clear out the soil and weeds. Sizing up the trunks and roots below…. Continue Reading →

Overwintering – Cheating Nature

Bonsai Studio. Setting up the workspace. Shadow Camera View. Video Gallery. Time lapsed: Drift Camera   Equipment;   Camera’s. Drift Ghost XL Action Camera & Drift Ghost XL Action Camera Ghost Edition. Tripod: By Joby Secateurs: Felco Model 2 Large.

Moody weather – Rutland – UK – Image Gallery

Autumn Images taken by @s_o_t_g_uk

Chainsaw Chains – Making your own Chains

Make your own Chainsaw Chains.   We get asked a lot about the Chains & how they are made or altered etc.   So here is a video to help show you what goes into Chainsaw Chains. – What bits are… Continue Reading →

What washing day looks like @ SOTG over the weekend…

Grape Hyacinth

Spring is coming… Bookings by arrangement Only now ~ Due to a Full Client Roster for the 2020 Season.   SOTG is still operating ~ Tending Private Clients Gardens Only. For the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.    … Continue Reading →

Spring Newsletter 2020 – Coronagate Update! ;)

Shadow of the Gardener Spring Newsletter. Dear Customers, Social Media Followers and Friends! Dig for Victory, grow to stop boredom! Please consider starting to grow some extra veg or perhaps start growing some if you did not already. It will… Continue Reading →

One of the questions

I get asked the most The reason I post this, is because I get asked a fair few Gardening related questions, and a lot of them; I get asked a lot. I get asked about a lot of other things… Continue Reading →

Managed to fit in a flying visit to a Client today in Oakham and give the garden space a quick blast and initial Shadow of the Gardener Stage 1 clear.  To allow further thought on what can be done next… Continue Reading →

Fairy Garden – January 2019

Although the images are not taken from the exact spot, it’s clear to see that a fair amount of work has had to be done so far to prune, shape and work the trees and shrubs in the project area…. Continue Reading →

Serious Pruning Fairy Garden Grove Project

June 2018: Initial Visit and discussions with Client This area was hugely overgrown and had several small really nice Shrubs in place, but all so close they are not having a chance to flourish nor be shaped and looked after… Continue Reading →

SOTG Van graphics

To say I am pleased would be an understatement. The guys at Pumpkin Print (Thanks Simon and the guys!) have done an amazing job…    Soon as I saw the van after they had done their thing I started grinning… Continue Reading →

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