Early summer 2018 – jan 2019

Although the images are not taken from the exact spot, it’s clear to see that a fair amount of work has had to be done so far to prune, shape and work the trees and shrubs in the project area.


A large amount of pruning, both with hand tool and power tools has been required and is going to be ongoing for a while as the Trees and Shrubs are trained into the new design.

The Acer in the middle of the group of trees and shrubs is especially going to require some serious work to redefine the branch structure from a wild and free growing Acer into one that has been trained into a desired shape to fit in with the rest of the “Glade area” it lives in and to work well with the design I have in mind for this Fairy Garden.

The main tree featured in this area had to be seriously pruned back due to masses of tangled branches that were rubbing against each other and causing damage and increasing the risk of infection or disease.  From a styling point of view it was a shame as the shapes made were very pleasing, but for the health of the tree it was required.  I’ve opened up the branch structure by removing problem branches/trunks and unwanted material for the further design and redevelopment of this tree.

The shrub to the Left side has been trimmed and started to accept the new shape it’s been given over the last few months with small but often trimming sessions to allow access by the rabbit hutch but also so it becomes more compact and the foliage starts the process of ramification to build up the thickness of the foliage.