Not the easiest of Months in the year, the new year brought a fair share of woes and trials; and from the very first week of the new year.


The Shadow of the Gardener Combo Van unfortunately broke down, given the small size of the van and the potential costs to repair it and make it road worthy for it’s pending MOT etc, it was decide to upgrade while replacing the smaller Combo van.

This was also a step to ensuring consistency and reliability, and of course emergency service ability with a van large enough to cope with any emergency.

The new vehicle is a Ford Transit Custom, so a much bigger vehicle and also much newer.

Once the new Vehicle Company Graphics have been redesigned due to the different shape and size of the new van and then agreed with the Vehicle Graphics Company for printing/fitting, the vehicle will be Signwritten much the same as the older smaller van.


The day before the old van broke down, I broke the work mobile phone, so that number is now only able to accept Whatsapp messaging.  The Phone number can no longer be answered for Voice calls, nor can Voicemails be collected or heard, and Text messages to this number can not be retrieved or viewed.

Please use this old number (07709623337) to contact Shadow of the Gardener via Whatsapp or Whatsapp Web ONLY.


The new Emergency Mobile Contact Number can be found on the Contact Page.


The search for a Gardening Apprentice and Garden Assistant continues.

If you are aged 16-18 and have an interest in Gardening please use the search box and search for “Gardening Apprentice”.


Part Time Labourer/Gardening Assistant.

As above; though aged 16-24, Search for “Gardening Assistant”


These are initially Part Time positions leading to Full Time Employment and a Career in Horticulture.