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Snow in Rutland

Just a reminder to SOTG Clients.   If you have any issues being snowed in or are having trouble on your properties caused by the snow. Shadow of the Garden is open & happy to come clear your drive or… Continue Reading →

GMB about Rishi Sunak Vs Excluded UK

“He lied on National TV!” My personal appeal to @GMB:  Good Morning Britain. Ben Shepard interviews Rishi Sunak and brings up #ExcludedUK. My initial response on the issue with the Interviews he gave to them via email and then posted… Continue Reading →

Big parcel delivery days…

Nothing better than coming home from a hard day of working in someones garden to a huge box with a new toy in!   Shadow of the Gardener strives to give the best results and spare no expense to bring… Continue Reading →

Spring is coming… Bookings by arrangement Only now ~ Due to a Full Client Roster for the 2020 Season.   SOTG is still operating ~ Tending Private Clients Gardens Only. For the duration of the COVID-19 Coronavirus situation.    … Continue Reading →

Rainy days in the studio….

What could be going on?

Weather Warnings Issued (11/03/2019 – 15th march 2019)

Regular Schedule interruption: Given the potential for storm damage and other major damage from Forecast storms & volatility of the weather ahead for the next few days. From Tuesday the 12th of March till Saturday 16th of March – Non… Continue Reading →

A few months ago there was of course the usual spate of slow news day journalism, when many of the usual Newsagent shelf papers name some weather front and roll the dice on it causing a day or two of… Continue Reading →

The long January

Not the easiest of Months in the year, the new year brought a fair share of woes and trials; and from the very first week of the new year.   The Shadow of the Gardener Combo Van unfortunately broke down,… Continue Reading →

New skills for 2019

OK, so this latest Project has me scratching my head a little and using the Ol’ Grey matter.   It is nice to have the creative juices flowing and to get some research into new things underway.   I’ve just… Continue Reading →

Serious Pruning Fairy Garden Grove Project

June 2018: Initial Visit and discussions with Client This area was hugely overgrown and had several small really nice Shrubs in place, but all so close they are not having a chance to flourish nor be shaped and looked after… Continue Reading →

Blog Post:   On the scrounge. Always nice when something you’ve wanted for ages drops in your lap, or nearly on your head… Managed to come into some seasoned old Railway Sleepers recently.  Took some serious graft and a bit… Continue Reading →

Bonsai is safe for me, or a safe place due to its size and predictable elements and outcomes. For the longest time I’ve not had the time or workspace to work on the smaller details while building up a working… Continue Reading →

Newsletter 1 – Dear Client

Dear Client, “If you are not happy, then I am not happy” Those of you getting this Email have all told me you are, thus the following request. If you have a moment spare? In order to expand the Range… Continue Reading →

Leaf Clearance Summer Madness

You look up at the trees now as the sun shines.  All lush leafed in glorious shades of Green through to Red depending on the Species. Yet you know all too soon they will be going crisp and falling. Why not… Continue Reading →

SOTG Van graphics

To say I am pleased would be an understatement. The guys at Pumpkin Print (Thanks Simon and the guys!) have done an amazing job…    Soon as I saw the van after they had done their thing I started grinning… Continue Reading →

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