June 2018: Initial Visit and discussions with Client

This area was hugely overgrown and had several small really nice Shrubs in place, but all so close they are not having a chance to flourish nor be shaped and looked after easily.  The Tree in the middle had run riot and the fast and vigorous growth unchecked had created a small maze of weak branching and limbs; entwined in a very elegant if chaotic form.  While pleasing to the eye they were in fact rubbing into each other or growing through each other causing damage and infections or risk to them.

Due to the proximity of a small stone wall and a few small borders, and a fruit tree.  Another non fruiting tree that was also old, well established and very much a feature due to its unusual elegance of twisted branching inside the canopy has its own small border around it and a narrow circular pathway that was in poor state due to shade and crumbling edges.  The pathway that runs through this area is also obstructed for the moment due to an old Rabbit hutch that is currently in use, though it is planned once it is no longer in use the area near the Glade will be transformed into a car park extension or patio extension.  Subject to change at clients discretion and requirements.

The Area is deeply shaded during the full sun period, but once trimmed in and around and the branching brought under control through selective pruning and a program of ramification to encourage a desirable foliage and canopy spread.

The implementation of a Fairy Garden was desired so that will be the main aim and focus of rejuvenating this Highly visible and trafficked area of this living space.


The Client has a Quirky taste and nature, a love for the Dramatic and wishes to feel more connected to her Garden Spaces and have the Space turned into her own Garden and one that reflects who she is and be somewhere she can use to find repose and sanctuary.


Project Features:

Japanese Maple – Green Leaved.

Solar Lighting

Custom Hand Built Fairy Village

Hand selected and grown Flower Stock.

After some Technical Strimming with the Hyundai Unit I use, one of the larger engine models for power on demand but slo good low and technical work; if you have the strength for it.  The ground was cleared to reveal a crumbling path way that was highly worn and worn out in many places.  The on site lawn mower was too large realistically to get in and around the narrowed lanes the erosion had left.  The shape of the path and the tight circles or lines and gradients also made it all to easy to scalp any new generated or encouraged growth to allow a healthy and formative pathway.  The much taller grass that had been allowed to grow taken back in graduations or just culled when it was mostly weed or Moss & Thatch.  Then the edge was reshaped with the contours and shapes already set to see what was left in the borders now they had been replaced and clipped again.

Then a constant round of weeding and some irrigation as the Summer really kicked in and the heat and lack of rainfall started.

Carving a path between the Japanese Maple and Hutch, and then slowly sculpting the outer branches to start taking a little early training where the entrance into The Grove starts.  & roughly working out how much wood material needs to come out to allow the trees to be featured and shaped, as well as how to train them and prepare them for training.



After several rounds of weeding and continual irrigation a small collection of fresh Lupin stock was added into the sunnier aspect facing side towards the patio area.  Cultivated by Shadow Of The Gardener from Russell Variety seed stock.  Other stock from this batch were placed close by but elsewhere in this Garden Space and situated to encourage different sized and coloured or shades of Lupins from stock known to be vigorous and prolific to seed and germinate.

Shadow lays Guarding the Grove, he thinks he is doing so because of the Rabbit. So far he had not yet seen The Fairy Garden that lay right under his nose…